PATINDEX Workbench

The PATINDEX function of SQL Server packs powerful magic, but it is easy to get it wrong. Phil Factor returns to the Workbench format to give a tutorial of examples, samples and cookbook ideas to demonstrate the ways that this underrated function can be of practical use. It is intended to be pasted into SSMS and used as a basis for experiment… Read more

XML Data Modification Language Workbench

XML Data Modification Language (XML DML) allows you to modify and update XML data. When working with SQL Server Databases, this is the most efficient way to modify elements in an XML column, yet the techniques of using XML-DML have not been well, and simply, described - up until now. Robert Sheldon presents a practical workbench to show the various modify methods … Read more

Median Workbench

SQL Server database engine doesn't have a MEDIAN() aggregate function. This is probably because there are several types of median, such as statistical, financial or vector medians. Calculating Medians are essentially a row-positioning task, since medians are the middle value of an ordered result. Easy to do in SQL? Nope. Joe Celko explains why… Read more

The SQLCMD workbench

Robyn and Phil feel strongly that there are two striking features in SSMS that extends its usefulness dramatically. The first is the Template, and the second is the powerful functionality hidden by those strange words 'SQLCMD Mode'. Here they try to demonstrate how useful SQLCMD can be to anyone who is tasked with having to administer a database.… Read more