08 April 2009

Exchange Editorials

Since moving his monthly editorials to a blog, Michael has decided to keep track of them here in the Exchange section.


Michael suggests that our relationship models carry over from school, and makes a set of eerily accurate predictions about whether or not you twitter.

Exchange 14: Times are Changing

The next version of Exchange brings significant improvements to mobile access. It even goes a good way to rolling together email, voicemail and instant messenging. Michael briefly discusses the possibilities.

These two are just a quick sample of Michael’s latest editorials. To see all of his latest thoughts, take a look over here.

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Michael Francis is the Simple Talk Exchange Editor. Michael has 15 years’ experience in editing, writing, and marketing covering a broad spectrum of topics and publications. He has edited technical patents and chemistry journals, written for publications ranging from New Scientist to Pest Control News, and marketed scientific modeling software, machine-to-machine connectivity, and SQL Server and Exchange Server tools. In his spare time Michael enjoys cricket, natural history, camping, and getting beaten at football by his children.

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