07 October 2009

SQL Server Execution Plans – eBook Download

Why is my query running slow? Why isn't my index getting used? In order to answer these questions, you have to ask the same return question in each case: have you looked at the execution plan? Grant Fritchey provides the only dedicated and detailed guide to this essential topic. Download the eBook.


Every day, out in the various SQL Server forums, the same types of questions come up again and again: why is this query running slow? Why isn’t my index getting used? And on and on. In order to arrive at the answer you have to ask the same return question in each case: have you looked at the execution plan?”

Grant Fritchey, Author.

SQL Server Execution Plans (link to eBook download – 12MB)

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01: Execution Plan Basics
  • Chapter 02: Reading Graphical Execution Plans for Basic Queries
  • Chapter 03: Text and XML Execution Plans for Basic Queries
  • Chapter 04: Understanding More Complex Query Plans
  • Chapter 05: Controlling Execution Plans with Hints
  • Chapter 06: Cursor Operations
  • Chapter 07: XML in Execution Plans
  • Chapter 08: Advanced Topics

Book Details

  • Paperback: 250 pages
  • Publisher: Red Gate Books

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  • mcflyamorim

    Hello Grant,

    Congrats and thanks a lot to share.

  • Banutharan

    Hi…Its about SQL Server Execution Plans PDF book

    Today I downloaded pdf document. Since very long back I am exploring stuff like this, luckily I got it and it’s awesome and clearly explained everything about Execution Plan, very good stuff too.


  • jayachandra

    Thank you for uploading SQL Server Execution Plans PDF book
    Thank you for uploading SQL Server Execution Plans PDF book.this is very help full book.

  • ilovedotnet

    Thank you for sharing this book!

  • dharshan

    Very Helpful
    Thanks for uploading the PDF document, It is very helpful

  • evalenca

    Source code

    This bok is very helpful.
    But i can’t find the source codes from this website.
    Could you help me.

    Thank you


  • gitmo

    Source Code
    I cannot find the source code on Simple-Talk.

  • amit.blue

    Hi Grant,

    Its a pleasure to read the book that is so well planned and well written. This is really the first time I have come across such a stuff on Execution plans.

    Hats off for the work you have done….

    Really appreciate that.

  • ahmad_hassan1511

    Thank You
    For This Book

  • eliassal

    2008 and code samples
    Very interesting book. Are all items applicable to sql 2008 R2 as well or there are some changes.
    Can you please provide us the link to download the code samples, I am not able to find it on the site, thanks in advance.

  • shrikant948


    Thanks for this book.

  • Grant Fritchey

    RE: 2008
    It is mostly applicable to 2008. However, we’re actively rewriting the book to make it more up to date.

  • Kalimuthu

    Thanks lot.

  • TTao675

    Thank you for the sharing.
    good book

  • vikrant.a.more

    Thank you so much..
    Thank You so much for the sharing a valuable notes regarding Execution plan.

  • Peter

    Excellent book
    Fantastic book has inspired me to do some SQL optimisation training with our dev teams. A really good read which clearly answered most of my questions. The only thing that I felt was missing was a good theoretical and practical section on how to decide what columns to index and in what order; something like this: http://sqlserverpedia.com/wiki/Index_Selectivity_and_Column_Order

    Thanks again,

  • raajkul

    Execllent Book
    Thanks a lot for making this topic available on internet. This is really great stuff.

  • maximiliano.morales

    Copy / Paste para traduccion
    Estimado: es posible me pueda compartir una versión con la opción para copiar y pegar activa del libro ebook-dissectingsqlserverexecutionplans, lo necesito para ir traduciendo el libro ya que mi ingles no es tan preciso como quisiera.

  • lesnic

    About the rewrite…
    Is the update/rewrite of the book available?

  • MAC1867

    Execution Plans
    Don’t seem to be able to locate the example code for the title
    ‘Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans’

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