07 October 2009

Mastering SQL Server Profiler – eBook Download

Download Brad McGehee's "from the ground up" guide to SQL Server's most powerful performance diagnostic tool.


“By mastering Profiler, the exceptional DBA can track down and fix SQL Server performance and other problems quickly and efficiently, and even spot potential problems before they cause real difficulties.”

Brad McGehee, author and experienced DBA.

Mastering SQL Server Profiler (link to eBook download – 16MB)


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01: Getting Started with Profiler
  • Chapter 02: Working with Traces and Templates
  • Chapter 03: Profiler GUI Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter 04: How to Identify Slow Running Queries
  • Chapter 05: How to Identify and Troubleshoot SQL Server Problems
  • Chapter 06: Using Profiler to Audit Database Activity
  • Chapter 07: Using Profiler with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Chapter 08: Correlating Profiler with Performance Monitor
  • Chapter 09: How to Capture Profiler Traces Programmatically
  • Chapter 10: Profiler Best Practices
  • Chapter 11: Profiler Events and Data Columns Explained

Why read this book?

SQL Server Profiler records data about various SQL Server events. This data is stored in a trace file and can be used to troubleshoot a wide range of SQL Server issues, such as poorly-performing queries, locking and blocking, excessive table/index scanning, and a lot more.

For such a potentially powerful tool, Profiler is surprisingly underused. This must be due, at least in part, to the fact that it is occasionally a frustrating tool. The user interface is poor, it lacks many important features, it is poorly documented and, unless you have a lot of experience as a DBA, it is often hard to analyze the data you capture. As such, many DBAs tend to ignore it and this is distressing, because Profiler has so much potential to make a DBA’s life more productive.

This book will make it easier for you to learn how to use Profiler, analyze the data it provides, and to take full advantage of its potential for troubleshooting SQL Server problems.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: Red Gate Books

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