08 April 2014

Database Lifecycle Management Patterns & Practices Library

Continuous database delivery is an automated process for building, deploying and testing databases to reduce risk and make rapid releases possible. It's enabled by a pipeline that starts when database changes are checked in, and ends when they're deployed to production. The articles collected here will help you understand the theories and methodologies behind every stage of the database delivery pipeline.

Patterns and Practices


Moving Towards Version Controlling Your Database

2091-stage2.pngVersion Control

Get Your Database Under Version Control

2091-stage4.pngContinuous Integration

Getting Started With Continuous Integration

Assessing SQL Code Quality

Getting started with automated database testing

Getting started with tSQLt for automated database testing

Getting started with test-driven database development

2091-stage3.pngAutomated Deployment

Getting started with database deployments

Getting started with database migration scripts

Getting started with continuous delivery

Managing database releases

Managing infrastructure and configuration for continuous delivery

Monitoring and recovery for database releases

Culture and Organization

Database Lifecycle Management

Agile for Continuous Delivery


Coming Soon:

  • Testing database releases after continuous integration

  • Documenting database releases

  • Reporting for database releases

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