17 February 2010

Raw Materials: The Temptations of a DBA

Derek hears voices.

Raw Materials: The Temptations of a DBA

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Larry Gonick, the great American cartoonist, has been an inspiration for a whole generation of geeks, reared on his series of cartoon guides to science. His major work has been the 'Cartoon History of the Universe', now in its fifth volume. Larry was awarded the Ink-Pot award, something which is given annually by Comic-Con International to professionals in comic book, comic strip, animation, science fiction and pop-culture. Other luminaries to receive the award have included the film-maker Frank Capra, Edgar Rice-Burroughs and Steven Spielberg. He was elected by his peers to receive the 2003 Harvey Award given to Cartoon History III as "best graphic album of original work." In the comics world, this is the equivalent of an Oscar.

Larry has been a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT and is currently staff cartoonist for Muse magazine. He has nearly one million copies of the Cartoon Guides in print.

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  • Tom Staley

    one character
    Yes, perfectionism appeals. Counterexample: You are a solo parent caring for three kids, doing the dishes and in a hurry so you can read each kid to sleep in turn. What kind of a job should you do on the dishes? I say, in agreement with the classic book Lower Your Standards (2001, McMuffin), that a few food stains and breakage are negligible compared to the reading duty. Expand this to the rest of life.

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    Near enough never is — but it’s cheaper.