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Nomad on Channel 9
In last week's episode of Channel 9's Web Camps TV, hosts Cory & Jaffe explored Nomad for Visual Studio - an extension that enables you to develop, test and deploy your iOS and Android mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript in Visual Studio. Red Gate's Kevin Boyle and Bart Read joined them on the show, and walked them through the tool. Take a look.
Functionally Similar – Comparing Underscore.js to LINQ How Bad is DOM Interaction – Really?
Underscore.js is a useful library for anyone familiar with LINQ syntax. It is not a direct LINQ port, but provides a very useful "LINQ-like" experience. But is it similar enough? Ed Charbeneau investigates. Read now. Given the rise in JavaScript engines and frameworks, Andy Shora investigates DOM interaction - busting myths and handing out pro tips along the way. Read now.
Hands-on Workshop: Test-Driven Design Debugging and Tuning Web Sites & Apps with F12 Dev Tools in IE11
Google engineer Vojta Jina explains what makes code testable, then gets his hands dirty in some design pattern demos, introducing the Jasmine testing framework, the Karma test runner, and ways to make JavaScript tests run faster. Watch now. You might have missed this thorough post on the IE team blog: an overview of what's coming in the new IE dev tools, diving into functionality with some interesting-looking screenshots, and a great discussion in the comments. Read now.

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