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Claire Brooking
Claire is part of the database lifecycle management team at Red Gate, researching continuous delivery, DevOps and working with others in the community on a learning program for database delivery. Claire can also be found on twitter @Claire_Brooking.

Book Review: The Phoenix Project

After hearing from Grant Fritchey that "Anyone who wants to know what DevOps really means should read this" Claire Brooking picked up a copy of The Phoenix Project. This parable of an IT project on the brink of destruction is told with humor and insight. Claire reviews the book, finding that conflict, incidents and mistakes are inevitable – what counts is how the team members grow to manage and resolve them. Read more...

The Simple-Talk Cookbook

Written by geeks, for geeks, the Simple-Talk Cookbook is a quirky culinary collection of recipes by SQL Server and .NET MVPs and experts, who would like to inspire Simple-Talk readers to ditch their microwave convenience meals for some more nourishing dishes this winter. Chef hats at the ready, because the e-cookbook download is available for free now to registered users... Read more...