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Michael McLaughlin
Michael B. McLaughlin is a Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP and is the president of Bob Taco Industries, a small game and mobile app development firm. Until he retired in order to change careers a few years ago, he was an attorney. He has been programming computers for over 17 years, both as a hobby and professionally. You can reach him via email at mike -at- and can follow him on Twitter @mikebmcl.

Windows Runtime: Fielding the Obvious Questions

WinRT, the Windows Runtime, was launched by Microsoft to some puzzlement. How does it relate to COM? Is it a replacement for .NET or SilverLight? is it the same as Windows RT? Why is it important? Michael answers these questions and more. Read more...

5 Tips for Understanding Managed-Unmanaged Interoperability in .NET

Interop doesn't have to be taxing. Interoperability between managed and unmanaged code happens under the hood in .NET. When you are doing Interop in your .NET applications, there are a few things to beware of, and Michael McLaughlin gives a brief introduction of how interop is used in .NET before explaining the five points to watch out for. Read more...

5 Tips and Techniques for Avoiding Automatic GC Collections

Automatic memory management isn't new, but it’s a wonderful thing for programmers. We bring you some tips and techniques to .help you understand a bit more about how .NET’s memory management works, can help you to ensure that you write high-performance .NET code. Read more...

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