15 August 2011

Save hours-get a command prompt

Recently somebody showed me a little trick to get a command prompt in any directory. Simply hold down SHIFT whilst pressing right-click on the folder and the menu option containing “Open command window here” appears as if by magic.


I know this is simple but it’s not something I knew about, or had forgotten about. There seems to be a complete list of short-cuts on MSDN.


Hopefully this can save you as much time as it does for me.

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Richard Mitchell works at Red Gate and, for his sins, has lately been building the latest versions of their website and intranet. He has also worked on the SQL Data Compare engine and is currently battling CLR demons in developing the next version of ANTS Profiler. In his spare time he scares partridges riding his motorbike around the fens and decorates his new house.

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