Recognizing Community Leaders – Tribal Awards Finalists

The time has come, voting is now open for the Tribal Awards finalists. Let’s recognize the people who go over and above for the technical community in the following 11 categories.

Article that saved my bacon in 2013

Blog of the Year


Person you’d most like to have a beer with

  • Paul Randal
  • Brent Ozar
  • Gail Shaw
  • Grant Fritchey
  • Mladen Prajdic


Best Presentation at any Tech Conference

  • PASS Keynote – Dr. David DeWitt
  • Erin Stellato – Extended Events – PASS Summit
  • Steve Jones, Database Version control @ SQL in the City Charlotte
  • Neil Hambly, Why Are We Waiting, SQL Saturday #238
  • Rob Farley, These are not the joins you are looking for, PASS Summit 2013


Best Tech User Group

  • Sacramento SQL User Group
  • AtlantaMDF
  • DC Pass
  • San Francisco SQL Server UG


Best New Community Voice

  • Rob Sewell
  • William Durkin
  • Mickey Stuewe
  • Mark S Rasmussen
  • Koen Verbeek

Beyond the Call of Duty

  • Niko Neugebauer
  • Grant Fritchey
  • Jonathan Kehayias
  • Jonathan Allen
  • Jeff Moden


Best Free Script

  • sp_WhoIsActive Adam Machanic
  • sp_blitz Brent Ozar
  • MaintenanceSolution.sql – Ola Hallengren
  • Diagnostic Info Queries.sql – Glenn Berry
  • DBA_IndexDefrag – Michelle Ufford


Most Authoritative Voice

  • Paul Randall
  • Jon Kehayias
  • Gail Shaw
  • Paul White
  • Grant Fritchey


Best Outfit

  • Andrea Allred in her Princess Gowns
  • Gail Shaw and her Jedi Robes
  • Jason Strate with his Unicorn Head
  • Steve Jones as The joker
  • Allen White in his SQLKilt


SQL Karaoke Performer of the Year

Ed Watson – Just a Gigolo (No video! But we do have a picture)
















Kathi Kellenberger, Mama’s Broken Heart

Colin and Jason Strate Tik Tok

Darcy at MVP Summit

Tim Mitchell, You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling


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