.NET Combo Boxes

It occasionally strikes me as hilarious that in the 21st millenium with Windows Vista near on the horizon with all kinds of spangly UI likely to result, we’re not only still using some of the oldest Windows UI primitives every day, but encountering problems using them. You’d think that we might have got it all … Read more

Aesthetically usable

If there’s something that eats at the very nub of a usability guy’s reason to be, it’s that usability is something a consumer frequently overlooks during their purchasing process.  If you ask them if they think it’s important, they’ll be plenty of nods and mumbles about how much they value usable products, but something seems … Read more


Ever heard of NEDS? It’s another handy acronym in a world full of HIMPERs (An acronym I just made up, but it looks pretty convincing if you ask me).  So NEDS stands for: New Economy Depression Syndrome and it’s something that is apparently increasing in the hectic lives we lead.  Gone are the days when … Read more

.NET Oddities #2

I had a feeling I’d be writing quite a few entries like this, but I must confess that even I would have been surprised if you’d told me I’d be writing #2 a mere two days after #1. So what is it this time? Well, it’s StackOverflowException. Jeff Richter has this to say about StackOverflowException … Read more

Microsoft radically re-design the Office UI

Microsoft’s new Office UI This could be an unmitigated disaster if those mighty Microsofteees misjudge how their users use the various office applications.  In theory, it’s a great idea – like one big context sensitive menu for whatever it is you’re doing at the time.  Why show the user every darn widget in your arsenal … Read more

Performance of structured storage files.

We’ve been working on a new version of our DTS Compare tool for a couple of months now, and it’s starting to look quite good. I’ve been working on the snapshot functionality today, which allows a user to take a snapshot of the state of all the DTS packages on a given instance of SQL … Read more

.NET Oddities #1

Every now and then I come across something slightly bizarre in .NET, so I’ve decided to write about it, as much as anything else because I’m aware of having come across quite a few things like this, but find myself unable to remember what half of them are, so it might prove to be a … Read more