14 March 2007

Once Upon a Day to Day Basis

This past weekend, after spending an unusually lengthy amount of time coding (as a DBA, I have trained myself to avoid extensive coding at all times) I noticed my brain had begun to juxtapose the iterative loops from the code I was working on to my speech patterns and normal cognitive tasks. Here are several examples and one pun that I must put down here if only for the fact that it will not leave said brain until I do. It is not to try to boost my diminishing blood-ego level as you will attest to if you make it to the pun at the end of this blog.

I borrowed a book recently from the library. It is “Who Moved My Blackberry” by Luke Kellaway. I left the book in my cubicle and the book was indeed moved from where I had placed it. I asked around,

“Who moved my book, Who Moved My Blackberry”

In a recent dream, I remember asking my high school drama teacher dream construct why I was still in high school when I had graduated many years ago and proceeded to tell him I often dream about having to go back to high school and ask people why I was there.

And finally, I said to someone recently about the term day to day basis,

I try not to use day to day basis on a day to day basis.

which led to the pun.

..working with databases on a day to day basis.

Trivial indeed, but…I am wondering if it will wear off or if it will continue on and on and on.

Once upon a time a story began, “Once upon a time..” – John Barth, Lost in the Funhouse?

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