Offsite Backup

There was a recent weather event in the United States that seriously impacted our power grid and our physical well being. Lots of businesses found that they couldn’t get to their building or that their building was gone. Many of them got to do a full test of their disaster recovery processes.

A big part of DR is having the ability to get yourself back online in a different location. Now, most of us are not going to be paying for multiple sites, but, we need the ability to move to one if needed. The best thing you can to start to set this up is have an off-site backup.

Want an easy way to automate that? I mean, yeah, you can go to tape or to a portable drive (much more likely these days) and then carry that home, but we’ve all got access to offsite storage these days, SkyDrive, DropBox, S3, etc. How about just backing up to there?

I agree. Great idea. That’s why Red Gate is setting up some methods around it. Want to take part in the early access program? Go here and try it out.


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