30 July 2009

.NET Reflector Support: Where’s the .NET 3.5 decompilation support?

.NET Reflector actually does support .NET 3.5 decompilation; it’s just not switched on by default. To enable this support use the main menu to go to View > Options, then click Disassembler in the list on the left, then select .NET 3.5 from the Optimization drop-down. Finally, click OK, and you’re done.

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Bart is a project manager for Red Gate Software Ltd. He's currently looking after the .NET Reflector Pro project. Previously he's working on ANTS Memory Profiler, ANTS Performance Profiler, SQL Prompt, and has touched the code for most of the Red Gate SQL developer tools... some of them still haven't recovered from the shock. He was born and grew up in Dorset, was educated in Nottingham and London, and likes music and real ale. His photo is extremely misleading.

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