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Dave Convery

Dave Convery

To Serve Man?


Since the announcement of Windows 8 and its ‘Metro’ interface, the .NET community has wondered if the skills they’ve spent so long developing might be swept aside,in favour of HTML5 and JavaScript. Mercifully, that only seems to be true of SilverLight (as Simon Cooper points out), but it did leave me thinking how easy it […]

30 March 2012 2:42 am by
Dave Convery

Educational Programming


At last, we’ve woken up to the worrying fact that there just aren’t enough good programmers to go around. Instead of aiming to get a generation of students interested in building their own software, education has instead been compelled by successive governments to focus on word processing, presentation graphics, and stultifying vocational work geared to […]

20 January 2012 1:50 pm by

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