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Robbie Th’ng

Robbie Th'ng

What’s on Azure right now?


If you speak to Microsoft, they’ll give you a number of active accounts, but what are those accounts actually running? It could be a collection of Hello World ASP.NET sites, or perhaps small exciting web start-ups, or maybe even the beginnings of large corporate moves to the cloud! I guess what I really wanted to […]

18 January 2011 3:10 pm by
Robbie Th'ng

The Running Cost of Azure – MSDN Offer


Richard recently blogged about getting the Red Gate Labs website onto Azure; it’s been running awhile now and, as Richard makes sure the cogs are all turning, I’ve been trying to track the cost. We decided to launch on Windows Azure as both an exercise in using Azure and also getting to grips with hosting […]

24 November 2010 9:28 am by

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