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Simon Galbraith

Simon Galbraith

Board-Level Agile – Using Agile with my Leadership Team


Next week, I’ll be speaking at Agile 2013. As a CEO, I go to plenty of conferences, but most of them are domain-specific: meeting Red Gate’s customers, or other CEOs and senior leaders, or seeing what’s going on in the SQL Server and .NET spaces. On the surface, Agile doesn’t feel like a great conference […]

30 July 2013 4:18 pm by
Simon Galbraith

How can you spot that you are working with Software Developers?


Using our coffee machine earlier I couldn’t help but notice that rather than the rather primitive interface saying “milk” it now says “milky milky”. Some unknown person(?) has taken the trouble to understand the bizarre interface and work out how to reprogram it… Now there are a whole load of jokes about elephants along similar […]

2 August 2006 10:27 am by
Simon Galbraith

England will never win the (Soccer) World Cup


(As you can tell from the title, this post has nothing to do with SQL Server or running a business. I’ve put it here because if you can’t write a random, opinionated piece on your blog where can you write it?)   The England football team didn’t win the 2006 FIFA World Cup, they also […]

28 July 2006 6:36 am by
Simon Galbraith

Open Letter to the SQL Server Community about SQL Prompt


There have been quite a few posts on the SQL Server Central forums about SQL Prompt, our tool for providing Intellisense for the leading SQL Server editors. There are still concerns about whether v2 is truely free and also about the quality and design of it. The editor of SQL Server Central offered me […]

26 July 2006 4:33 am by