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Arthur Fuller

Arthur Fuller

Dogs of War

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In Canada, specifically the province of Ontario (where I live), and in the USA, specifically the state of Ohio, various dog-attacks have caused the respective legislatures of these places to enact laws specifically forbidding the ownership of Pit-Bulls. Clayton Ruby, Canada’s wanna-be equivalent of either Ralph Nader or William F. Kunstler, or perhaps both, is […]

14 March 2006 10:32 am by
Arthur Fuller

Evaluation Software


Fuller’s Fifth Law: always bite the hand that feeds. In dutiful obeisance to my own laws, I have chosen  to vilify  the sponsor of  my blog,  Red Gate, whose evaluation software makes, in my opinion, a foolish mistake.   Before I explain why, let me ask, How many hours did you work last week, and […]

8 March 2006 1:23 pm by

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