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Tony Davis

Tony Davis

A Database to Diagram for


I’m no database designer but I do occasionally need to build a very simple database model, no more than a small handful of tables, to test out some code for an article or presentation. The other day, I was indulging in my usual habit of slowly tapping out CREATE and ALTER TABLE statements in SQL, […]

28 January 2016 6:00 pm by
Tony Davis

Real Developer Heroics


One of the strange paradoxes of team development is that effort beyond the call of duty is generally discouraged. Developers who are new to team working assume that, if they work wonders to solve apparently intractable programming problems in record time, then all around them will smile in gratitude. The instinct to solve problems is […]

14 January 2016 3:04 pm by
Tony Davis

The Genuine Article


On Simple-Talk, we try to make sure that Information Technology is presented in an interesting way. We all tend to have more patience with a pedestrian article or blog that has information that solves an immediate problem, and we find the necessary energy to wade through the dull bits to get to the nectar. More […]

31 December 2015 1:03 pm by
Tony Davis

Workplace Politics


The IT workplace can often be stressful when untoward things happen. Maybe, it is business managers who demand new platforms, applications, and functionality to support bold new strategic objectives. The IT team, perhaps, begins to crack under pressure of an ever-increasing backlog of work to unrealistic deadlines while somehow holding together a creaking and patched-together […]

18 December 2015 10:40 am by
Tony Davis

Squaring the NoSQL Circle


NoSQL was a bold new revolution. Many of these databases are schema-less, or rather the schema is implicitly defined by the developer, and therefore is flexible and can evolve. NoSQL databases lend themselves to very simple key-value access patterns; there is no need to design complex relations, or perform joins in ‘archaic’ languages such as […]

3 December 2015 3:08 pm by
Tony Davis

Issue Tracking Systems: Good Servant, Bad Master


Over time, many bug and issue tracking systems decline into a graveyard for bug-reports, a place where problems are buried rather than resolved. I’m not a developer but even so, any mention of bug-tracking systems elicits unhappy memories. I was once one of the Business ‘stakeholders’ for a system. We performed user-acceptance tests to check […]

19 November 2015 6:22 pm by
Tony Davis

The Terror of Talking Technical


I have to admit that I’m not a ‘natural’ with presentations. My colleagues have caught the occasional look of panic as I prepare my presentation for Redgate’s SQL in the City event in Seattle (Oct 26). It’s on the topic of “Uncovering SQL Server Query Problems with Execution Plans”, a topic near to my heart […]

23 October 2015 1:22 pm by
Tony Davis

SQL in the City: My Imminent Execution (Plans)


Redgate’s SQL in the City events are imminent, first in London (Oct 16) and then in Seattle (Oct 26). I’m speaking at both events, on the topic of “Uncovering SQL Server Query Problems with Execution Plans”. I’ve often heard developers confess, sheepishly, that they very rarely look at execution plans. They haven’t the time for […]

14 October 2015 10:10 am by
Tony Davis

Avoiding Continuous Disintegration


A build is a regular health-check for the database. If all is well, then automated builds will run regularly and smoothly. Assuming all necessary database and server-level objects have been accounted for in the build, the team will be confident that little can go awry as it is shepherded through the release process to deployment. […]

9 October 2015 9:47 am by
Tony Davis

The LeanPub Crawl


After many years as an editor, I’m finally working, rather apprehensively, on my first “lean publication”. This is a book that attempts to describe the importance of Database Lifecycle Management techniques in improving the quality of all database processes involved in the design, governance, development, delivery and ongoing operation of a database. Much like a […]

25 September 2015 12:21 pm by
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