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Tony Davis

Tony Davis

Issue Tracking Systems: Good Servant, Bad Master


Over time, many bug and issue tracking systems decline into a graveyard for bug-reports, a place where problems are buried rather than resolved. I’m not a developer but even so, any mention of bug-tracking systems elicits unhappy memories. I was once one of the Business ‘stakeholders’ for a system. We performed user-acceptance tests to check […]

19 November 2015 6:22 pm by
Tony Davis

The Terror of Talking Technical


I have to admit that I’m not a ‘natural’ with presentations. My colleagues have caught the occasional look of panic as I prepare my presentation for Redgate’s SQL in the City event in Seattle (Oct 26). It’s on the topic of “Uncovering SQL Server Query Problems with Execution Plans”, a topic near to my heart […]

23 October 2015 1:22 pm by
Tony Davis

SQL in the City: My Imminent Execution (Plans)


Redgate’s SQL in the City events are imminent, first in London (Oct 16) and then in Seattle (Oct 26). I’m speaking at both events, on the topic of “Uncovering SQL Server Query Problems with Execution Plans”. I’ve often heard developers confess, sheepishly, that they very rarely look at execution plans. They haven’t the time for […]

14 October 2015 10:10 am by
Tony Davis

Avoiding Continuous Disintegration


A build is a regular health-check for the database. If all is well, then automated builds will run regularly and smoothly. Assuming all necessary database and server-level objects have been accounted for in the build, the team will be confident that little can go awry as it is shepherded through the release process to deployment. […]

9 October 2015 9:47 am by
Tony Davis

The LeanPub Crawl


After many years as an editor, I’m finally working, rather apprehensively, on my first “lean publication”. This is a book that attempts to describe the importance of Database Lifecycle Management techniques in improving the quality of all database processes involved in the design, governance, development, delivery and ongoing operation of a database. Much like a […]

25 September 2015 12:21 pm by
Tony Davis

Building Databases: One Man’s Best Practice?


In software development, one man’s meat is often another man’s poison. We come across a technique and it works for us. We assume it will work in all contexts and publish it as a ‘best practice’. It fails to live up to its promise in other circumstances. As an example of this, a migrations-based approach […]

14 August 2015 12:54 pm by
Tony Davis

Getting the Measure of Your Application


The idea of ‘instrumenting’ an application often seems to puzzle application developers. Modern IDEs are so full of code-tracers, debuggers and profilers that developers seem to resent the idea that applications should be designed and developed so as to be measurable. The application’s methods need to be instrumented so that, on demand, the application can […]

31 July 2015 11:10 am by
Tony Davis

The Railmap Towards Easier Query Tuning?


Recently, I’ve been getting more and more engrossed in SQL Server Execution plans for various reasons, including editing the forthcoming third edition of Grant Fritchey’s book. There are certain infographics that ‘speak’ to everyone. They represent highly complex concepts clearly and unequivocally. Unfortunately, the SQL Server graphical execution plan is not one of them. I […]

3 July 2015 9:52 am by
Tony Davis

We Don’t Need Any More Heroes


Where do I start? It’s a question each of us asks when faced with any learning goal, whether it’s how to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on a guitar, or how to deploy a database. The answer, as any teacher will tell you, is to work out where you are now, in terms of skills and […]

17 June 2015 10:27 am by
Tony Davis

Test Driving Your Database


In any engineering project, you can’t avoid testing your product against reality. A friend who once worked at a car design center told me that throughout each development cycle, in adding to a component-testing program with test-rigs and simulations, they would drive each newly-designed automobile down “Dunmore Lane”. This local road was infamous for its […]

4 June 2015 2:39 pm by
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