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Phil Factor

Phil Factor

The SQL of the Feast Days of Western Christendom


I've been intrigued for a long time by the Christian feasts. Nowadays, we start getting excited about Christmas around July, and it is considered by commerce to be fair-game as a de-walletizing activity from Halloween onwards. I would like far more feast days to get excited about. Our ancestors had so many feast days that […]

24 November 2015 12:30 pm by
Phil Factor

Late in the Day for a DBA


I first met Joe when I went to Woodworking evening classes several years ago. I saw him from across the room. He was at the lathe, turning a bowl. There was something about the careful, diligent way he was working that activated my DBA-dar. I approached him. “You’re a DBA, aren’t you?” I asked. He […]

5 November 2015 1:53 pm by
Phil Factor

Soft Skills for the Developer


(Guest Editorial for the Simple-Talk newsletter) In the rush to recruit a developer to fill a gaping void in a development project, it is sometimes easy to forget the relative importance of the skills you need. We were building a complex middleware architecture based on SOA principles with distributed transactions. The task was daunting, and […]

11 September 2015 10:54 am by
Phil Factor

Typoglycemia: The PowerShell and the SQL


Typoglycemia is the ironic name, (derived from Hypoglycemia) given to the phenomenon that many readers can understand the meaning of words in a sentence even when the interior letters of each word are scrambled. They appear to recognize words by the outermost letters, the length, the letters used and the context.  As long as all […]

30 August 2015 9:37 am by
Phil Factor

SQL Server: The Neglected Features


Have you ever experienced that moment in an exam, frantically scribbling your answer to the final question, when the invigilator looks sternly across the room and says “time’s up, now cease writing and put down your pens”? I sometimes imagine this happening to the developers in the server division of Microsoft. SQL Server has several […]

28 August 2015 11:23 am by
Phil Factor

Can Code Review Be Automated?


I was scanning the API of DacFx, the ‘engine’ of SSDT, and became interested in the facility it contains for automating SQL code reviews. DacFx allows you to parse the SQL code sufficiently to do static code analysis, to scan for heresies, deprecated code and code that doesn’t ‘conform to corporate policy’. Dave Ballantyne has […]

17 July 2015 11:38 am by
Phil Factor

UWP: The Platform Formerly Known as Metro


Three years ago, I listened to a keynote at a developer conference. The man from Microsoft beamed confidently at the vast auditorium and said “I can tell you confidently that in a year’s time, you will all be writing Metro applications for a huge marketplace”. We clapped, but as the keynote proceeded and we saw […]

21 May 2015 12:46 pm by
Phil Factor

Spinach and Database Development

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A little while ago Phil got to thinking about his garden, and the myths and misinformation that forced inferior food down the gullets of children. This was an example of bad data, and Phil wants it gone. Below is a video (and transcript) that Phil gave as the keynote of SQL Saturday Exeter. The Transcript […]

14 May 2015 4:16 pm by
Phil Factor

The Database Neighbours From Hell


In the Windows environment, there seems little safer for application design than a rather staid single-tiered architecture making ODBC/JDBC calls to the RDBMS. I can say this with years of experience in developing applications ranging from the dull but worthy, to the esoteric. However there is an interesting long-term cost to taking the easy route […]

9 April 2015 5:16 pm by
Phil Factor

Converting XML files to YAML or PSON


The other day, I needed to convert a whole stack of XML files to YAML.  Actually , I would have settled for a conversion to JSON, but for some reason, the built-in cmdlet wouldn’t do it. I was trying to figure out a way of doing the YAML conversion when I suddenly remembered I’d actually […]

13 March 2015 2:37 pm by
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