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Matt Lee

Matt Lee

Why ASP.NET MVC is better – using ‘Hello’ as an example


In this second post about Hello (the first can be found here), I’m going to use one of the more complex portions of the app, the event front page, to illustrate some of the various parts of MVC which make writing web apps more intuitive. The web app of the Hello project was written in […]

30 September 2009 10:12 am by
Matt Lee

ASP.NET MVC & Twitter Integration – getting inside ‘Hello’


I recently teamed up with Ryan Carson, Keir Whitaker and Mike Kus from Carsonified to write an application called ‘Hello’, with the catchy tagline “Turn to your neighbour and say…”, geddit?! The motivation behind the project was to write something within a tight timescale that used a complete Microsoft stack, capped by ASP.NET MVC, and […]

3 September 2009 10:39 am by

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