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Roger Hart

Roger Hart

Windows Phone 8, possible tablets and what the latest update might mean

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Microsoft have just announced an update to Windows Phone 8. As one of the five, maybe six people who actually bought a WP8 handset I found this interesting. Then I read the blog post about it, and rushed off to write somewhat less than a thousand words about a single picture. The blog post announces […]

14 October 2013 2:28 pm by
Roger Hart

Pebbles and Gears and market share – what’s up with smart watches?


To nobody’s enormous surprise, I’ve spent a chunk of this morning bickering on Twitter. In this case, largely in the wake of the Galaxy Gear smart watch. Clayton Christensen was famously wrong about the iPhone the first time around. Now, he’s a couple orders of magnitude smarter than I am, but I basically want to […]

5 September 2013 11:42 am by
Roger Hart

Another Marketing Conference, part two – the afternoon


In my previous post, I’ve covered the morning sessions at AMC2012. Here’s the rest of the write-up. I’ve skipped Charles Nixon’s session which was a blend of funky futurism and professional development advice, but you can see his slides here. I’ve also skipped the Google presentation, as it was a little thin on insight. 6 […]

22 October 2012 4:46 pm by
Roger Hart

Another Marketing Conference, part one – the best morning sessions.

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Yesterday I went to Another Marketing Conference. I honestly can’t tell if the title is just tipping over into smug, but in the balance of things that doesn’t matter, because it was a good conference. There was an enjoyable blend of theoretical and practical, and enough inter-disciplinary spread to keep my inner dilettante grinning from ear to […]

19 October 2012 1:41 pm by
Roger Hart

Who writes the words? A rant with graphs.


If you read my rant, you’ll know that I’m getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet about user interface text. But rather than just yelling about the way the world should be (short version: no UI text would suck), it seemed prudent to actually gather some data. Rachel Potts has made an excellent […]

11 November 2011 1:13 pm by
Roger Hart

Pandas: below "C-level", and drowning


Last week, at the Technical Communication UK conference, I did a little lightning talk. It wasn’t very nice. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that the session was billed as “rants” – an opportunity for people to get things off their chests. Boy, did I. In fact, my first line was more or less: “You’re sleepwalking […]

26 September 2011 4:50 pm by
Roger Hart

Content auditing – let’s fix it


Recently, I got an email about content inventories. This is not habitually a joyous occasion. Anybody who’s had to compile one – and that’s anybody who’s serious about the web – will attest that it’s a miserable experience. Making a content inventory is in that “necessary but horrible” category; it’s like talking to that doting […]

8 August 2011 12:37 am by
Roger Hart

Must-see sessions at TCUK11


Technical Communication UK is probably the best professional conference I’ve been to. Last year, I spoke there on content strategy, and this year I’ll be co-hosting a workshop on embedded user assistance. Obviously, I’d love people to come along to that; but there are some other sessions I’d like to flag up for anybody thinking […]

15 June 2011 11:51 am by
Roger Hart

Don’t feed the ducks: can we harness the power of nonsense?


A fair bit has been written about novelty error messages, particularly web 404 pages. Opinion seems broadly split about whether they’re charming or unprofessional, but lots of them are pretty memorable. In the cases of a 404 page, I’m not sure it’s something you want people remembering, but the idea is probably to try and […]

12 May 2011 5:11 pm by
Roger Hart

The spork/platypus average: shameless self promotion


This is the video of presentation I gave at UA Europe and TCUK this year. The actual sub-title was “Content strategy at Red Gate Software”, but this heading feels more honest. For anybody who missed it, or is just vaguely interested, here’s a link to me talking about de-suckifying the web. You can find the […]

22 December 2010 10:00 am by
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