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Reka Burmeister

Reka Burmeister

Testing search


As Exchange Server Archiver slowly but steadily heads towards launch, we have completed more and more components. Recently the Outlook Add-in for Outlook 2003 was finished and became available for testing. I’ve been assigned to test the search functionality as well as the search interfaces. At first, this sounded like an interesting and easy task […]

2 March 2009 9:52 am by
Reka Burmeister

Issues with a detailed test description


In the Exchange Server Archiver team we recently had a series of discussions among our testers in order to get a common understanding about the form and detail level of a test case. Interestingly, the first issue we hit was the terminology. What is a test suite, test set, test case, test procedure and a […]

16 February 2009 8:08 am by

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