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Ben Adderson

Ben Adderson

Switching from Selenium 1.x to WebDriver/Selenium 2 and HtmlUnit


Recently I became aware of the work that is being done to merge the WebDriver and Selenium codebases. The result is Selenium 2, a project that aims to offer the best bits from both. For more details about the merge, see here. Having only used Selenium and not WebDriver before, there were a couple of […]

26 August 2010 7:34 am by
Ben Adderson

Regression testing with Selenium GRID


A lot of software teams out there are tasked with supporting and maintaining systems that have grown organically over time, and the web team here at Red Gate is no exception. We’re about to embark on our first significant refactoring endeavour for some time, and as such its clearly paramount that the code be tested […]

2 June 2010 8:03 am by
Ben Adderson

[BrowserTheory] – Adding a [URL] attribute to the [Browser] attribute for


EDIT: After a request in the comments, the full solution can be obtained from here.After my last post it was suggested to me that I create a [URL] attribute to deal with the unnecessary repetition of the testStartPageUrl parameter when creating a [Browser] attribute. The example below shows the problem: [Theory] [Browser(Browsers.InternetExplorer7, "")] [Browser(Browsers.Firefox3_5, "")] […]

10 September 2009 8:57 am by
Ben Adderson

Improving the [Browser] attribute


In yesterday’s post I talked about an xUnit [Browser] attribute that wraps Selenium, taking care of setting up the browser objects we pass as parameters into our test methods. Where I left off, my example test case looked as follows: [Theory] [Browser("Internet Explorer 7")] [Browser("Firefox 3.5")] [Browser("Google Chrome")] [Browser("Opera")] public void Google_For_SimpleTalk(ISelenium iSelenium) {     […]

2 September 2009 4:38 am by
Ben Adderson

Combining and Selenium


There has been a fair amount of discussion about how to improve our test automation here in the Web Team at Red Gate. One of the avenues that we are keen to go down is browser automation. In the browser automation arena, the two big players for .NET web applications are WATIN (Web Application Testing […]

1 September 2009 5:17 am by

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