11 August 2016

Software Animism

The tendency to attribute malice to inanimate objects is deeply entrenched in the human psyche. In a famous account from Ancient Greek times, a bronze statue caused the death of an angry demonstrator when it toppled onto him while he was whipping it with a flail. The statue was put on trial, found guilty of … Read more
29 July 2016

Ten Years Later

Simple Talk has just celebrated its tenth birthday, has changed its platform, and has been given a make-over. The original site was designed for a small select readership, but we now get a million page-views a month. Security, page-speed, manageability, readability and convenience have all played their part in in directing what we did, but what do you think?… Read more
13 July 2016

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Lives!

Frequently when a new piece of tech that I’m excited about is launched, total nerd that I am, I’ll start quoting Colin Clive in, still the best, James Wale’s Frankenstein. It’s ALIVE! ALIVE! Well, time to get excited. On Monday, July 11, Azure SQL Data Warehouse moves from being in preview on Azure to a … Read more
30 June 2016

Invoke-SqlCmd Just Got Better!

If you’ve read even just a few of my articles on Simple-Talk you know that I’m a big fan of PowerShell + SQL Server.  Over the years I have written a lot about how to collect data from your SQL Servers and store it somewhere, maybe in a database, maybe in a word document.  Well … Read more
30 June 2016

Data Security: Time to be Grown-Up

How do you quickly clear a room-full of application developers, short of shouting ‘fire’ and setting off a smoke-bomb? The answer, of course, is to stand up in front of them and announce that you are giving a talk about database access-control and security. Once, at a conference, I sat through a brilliant talk on … Read more
15 June 2016

Measure of a DBA

Marketing people are often surprised when a new version of SQL Server doesn’t quite generate the atmosphere of excited anticipation that they expected. After all, people seem to get themselves in a state of frenzy when a new iPhone is introduced, and suddenly their present phone looks like a museum item. The urge to upgrade … Read more
07 June 2016

IE vs. Chrome for Debugging Ajax Web Service Calls

I was recently attempting to get Cross Origin Resources Sharing (CORS) working with some of our web services so we can more easily achieve cross-domain calls in our product lines.  Having never done any work with CORS before, I found a tutorial and started configuring the project for CORS support.  Since I wasn’t really concerned … Read more
06 June 2016

Unmasking the Dynamic Data Masking

/* Revised 27th June Dynamic data masking is a great product and solves some niche problems that come if you need to do certain testing with live data at the application level. You should, however, beware of using it as a database-level security device. I haven’t yet used it in testing because I don’t have … Read more
03 June 2016


In a recent blog post, Jonathan Kehayias demonstrates a clever way to “multi-thread” maintenance tasks, when they need to run against very large (i.e. multiple terabyte) databases. The tool he used? Good old-fashioned Service Broker. Simply create some basic Service Broker objects, an activation procedure to automate Ola Hallengren’s maintenance procedures, bind the activation procedure … Read more
02 June 2016

How to rename a table without data loss in SQL Server Management Studio using migration scripts

SQL Source Control plugs into SSMS and connects your databases to your version control system, allowing you to version control your database schemas, and then deploy them using Redgate’s trusted comparison engine SQL Compare. The latest release (shipped this week!) features an improved version of migration scripts, which allow you to write your own SQL … Read more
02 June 2016

SQL Source Control 5 – we’ve solved the data problem

We’ve just released SQL Source Control 5 with improved migration scripts. With this release SQL Source Control now brings modern development practices (think Git and branching) together with preserving data as changes move up environments. Finally, it really is possible to automate database delivery – so I hope you’ll forgive us if we sound overexcited! … Read more
23 May 2016

Identifying client timeouts

Long running queries often causes client timeout in our applications. One good solution to attack this problem is to identify the timeouts and optimize the queries causing the timeouts. Client timeouts or connection interruptions are identified as Attention events. We can capture the attention events using an Extended Events session. The script to create the … Read more
20 May 2016

SSMS Renaissance

For many good reasons, DBAs and database developers use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), not SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). It is a great relief for them, after several SQL Server releases-worth of general neglect, to see some renewed developmental vigor behind SSMS. Until the approach of SQL Server 2016, DBAs could have been forgiven … Read more

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