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2014 May

Chris Smith

If unexpected database changes cause you problems – we can help!


Have you ever been surprised by an unexpected difference between you database environments? Have you ever found that your Staging database is not the same as your Production database, even though it was the week before? Has an emergency hotfix suddenly appeared in Production over the weekend without your knowledge? Has your client secretly added […]

30 May 2014 2:08 pm by
Jonathan Hickford

How to Automate your Database Documentation


In my previous post, “Automating Deployments with SQL Compare command line” I looked at how teams can automate the deployment and post deployment validation of SQL Server databases using the command line versions of Redgate tools. In this post I’m looking at another use for the command line tools, namely using them to generate up-to-date […]

30 May 2014 11:26 am by
Lucy Boyes

Are your personal insecurities screwing up your internal communications?

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I do some internal comms as part of my job. Quite a lot of it involves talking to people about stuff. I’m spending the next couple of weeks talking to lots of people about internal comms itself, because we haven’t done a lot of audience/user feedback gathering, and it turns out that if you talk […]

29 May 2014 4:03 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Exporting PowerPoint Slides with Specific Heights and Widths


I found myself in need of exporting PowerPoint slides from a presentation and was fairly excited when I found that you could save them off in standard image formats. The problem is that Microsoft conveniently exports all images with a resolution of 960 x 720 pixels, which is not the resolution I wanted.  You can, […]

29 May 2014 1:47 pm by

PowerShell and SMO – be careful how you iterate


I’ve yet to have a totally smooth experience with PowerShell and it was late on Friday when I crashed into this problem. I haven’t investigated if this is a generally well understood circumstance and if it is then I apologise for repeating everything. Scenario: I wanted to scan a number of server for many properties, […]

27 May 2014 10:51 am by
Louis Davidson

What Counts For a DBA – Depth


SQL Server offers very simple interfaces to many of its features. Most people could open up SSMS, connect to a server, write a simple query and see the results. Even several of the core DBA tasks are deceptively straightforward. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perform a basic database backup or run a trace […]

27 May 2014 1:35 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 3: Caption With a Vengeance


Congratulations to Doug Tucker for winning this week’s caption competition with: Having caught yet another developer logged into a production database, Joe dons his DBA hazmat suit and prepares to deploy a different sort of logon trigger. Please to be informing us what might be going on here. Anything faintly computer-themed will always help, but […]

23 May 2014 9:45 am by
Phil Factor

Documentation and Test Assertions in Databases


When I first worked with Sybase/SQL Server, we thought our databases were impressively large but they were, by today’s standards, pathetically small. We had one script to build the whole database. Every script I ever read was richly annotated; it was more like reading a document. Every table had a comment block, and every line […]

22 May 2014 5:23 pm by
Damon Armstrong

How to Enable SideLoading in a SharePoint Site


I was trying to deploy a SharePoint App for the first time and ran into an error about SideLoading not being enabled on the site. The solution is fairly simple – you just have enable the Developer feature on the site.  Unfortunately, it’s a hidden feature so you have to do it through PowerShell.  While […]

19 May 2014 5:10 pm by
Phil Factor

Separating text strings into a table of individual words in SQL via XML.


Nearly nine years ago, Mike Rorke of the SQL Server 2005 XML team blogged ‘Querying Over Constructed XML Using Sub-queries’. I remember reading it at the time without being able to think of a use for what he was demonstrating. Just a few weeks ago, whilst preparing my article on searching strings, I got out […]

13 May 2014 2:35 pm by
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