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2014 March

Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Roundup from Simple-Talk and Beyond – March 31 2014


New Articles We’ve always liked the idea of mixing our more in-depth articles with others that just give  simple answers to  simple questions, or a list of nuggets:  Articles like Plamen Ratchev’s  ‘Ten Common SQL Programming Mistakes’;  Grant Fritchey’s  ‘The Seven Sins against TSQL Performance’, SQL Server Statistics Questions We Were Too Shy to Ask […]

28 March 2014 4:19 pm by
Tony Davis

D.R.Y. with SQL Scripts


Developers strive to write well-tested, reusable code with well-defined interfaces so that when they need to update the functionality, they need do so in one place only. It is the principle of ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ (D.R.Y.). However, it is common for developers to be poor at applying D.R.Y. to their own past work. When it […]

28 March 2014 3:54 pm by
Phil Factor

Including timings, I/O and XML Execution plans in your SQL Test rigs


Sometimes, when developing SQL code, you need to run an automated test and benchmark over and over again. In this test run 'with bits',  you want a lot of diagnostic information such as the CPU,  IO,  which can be saved, parsed and compared between runs.  You want the results of the SQL so you can […]

14 March 2014 4:37 pm by
Tony Davis

Build, Buy or Rent?


In the pioneering years of the PC industry, people mainly created for themselves whatever tools they needed, because there wasn’t much of an option. I’ve lost count of the number of developers who claim to have invented their own text editor. These days, we simply buy the product or editing module that best suits our […]

14 March 2014 3:41 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Roundup from Simple-Talk and Beyond – March 14 2014


Simple-Talk Updates …in which we give a short review of the latest articles on Simple-Talk  in the past fortnight, dig up some old favourites, and mention some of our favourite articles and blogs from around the InterWebs. This week on Simple-Talk we published the first article by a new author,  Joshua Feierman on ‘Applying The […]

14 March 2014 1:42 pm by
Louis Davidson

What Counts For a DBA – Dreams


“When I was younger, I dreamt of being an astronaut…” “When I was younger, I dreamt of being a doctor …” “When I was younger, I dreamt of being a DBA…” Eh? What was that last one again? No, you didn’t, not really. Perhaps you dreamt of creating a new piece of software to help […]

11 March 2014 8:22 pm by

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