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Finding the IP Address of a Specific Network Adapter in Windows (and a rant about Hyper-V)

Published 29 January 2014 9:15 pm

We just recently made the switch from VMWare over to Hyper-V and I have found two things a bit surprising:

1.) Hyper-V performs better on my laptop than VMWare.  I was having issues with my computer locking up and moving to Hyper-V appears to have corrected it, and I can run more VM’s more quickly with Hyper-V than VMWare, which I was not expecting.

2.) The Hyper-V Virtual Machine viewer has a disgraceful lack of features that is either due to my ignorance or Microsoft’s negligence.  Or both. 

Anyway, remote desktop works amazingly with Hyper-V but my VM’s have a dynamic IP which has to be tracked down each time I want to connect with more features than the Hyper-V viewer has to offer.  I have plans to make this process less painful, but for the time being I’ve got a nice .bat file that outputs the IP address of the adapter to which I need to connect.  And since I keep losing that command, I thought I would immortalize it here on my blog so I could find it again:

netsh interface ip show config name=”Name of Adapter”

You can find the name of your adapter using ipconfig.exe if you don’t know it, or by looking at the name in the adapter settings in your Network and Sharing center.

2 Responses to “Finding the IP Address of a Specific Network Adapter in Windows (and a rant about Hyper-V)”

  1. psharkauburn says:

    Making sure you aren’t missing the obvious like this: HyperV_Manager_Pic

  2. Damon Armstrong says:

    Wow. That’s a MUCH better and easier way to figure out the IP address. THANK YOU! Now if I could only copy it :)

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