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Victors of the Tribal Awards

Published 6 January 2014 7:11 pm

Throughout December, Simple-Talk and SQL Server Central hosted the Tribal Awards.  With these awards, we let the technical community choose members who they felt deserved recognition by opening up both nominations and voting to the public. We’re very pleased to be able to announce the winners for each category listed below. The winners were decided by sheer number of votes, some won by a landslide and others by the smallest of margins. We’d like to thank the 800 voters who got involved to make the Tribal Awards something special, and congratulations to our victors!

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the 2013 Tribal Awards.

Article that saved my bacon in 2013

First Place: Transaction Log VLFs – too many or too few? By Kimberly Tripp

Runner up: Why Your Performance Review Sucks by Thomas LaRock


Blog of the Year

First Place:Brent Ozar Team Blog:

Runner up: Paul Randal’s Blog:


Person you’d most like to have a beer with

First Place: Brent Ozar

Runner up: Paul Randal


Best Presentation at any tech conference 

First Place:PASS Keynote – Dr. David DeWitt

Runner up: There are not the joins you’re looking for – Rob Farley


Best Tech User Group

First Place: AtlantaMDF

Runner up: MADPASS


Best new community voice

First Place: Mickey Stuewe

Runner up: Mark Rasmussen


Beyond the call of duty / Outstanding Contribution

First Place: Grant Fritchey

Runner up: Jonathan Kehayias


Best Free Script

First Place: MaintenanceSolution.sql – Ola Hallengren

Runner up: sp_blitz – Brent Ozar


Most Authoritative voice

First Place: Paul Randal

Runner up: Paul White


Best outfit or costume at a tech conference

First Place: Gail Shaw and her Jedi Robes

Runner up: Andrea Allred


SQL Karaoke performer of the Year

First Place: Colin Stasiuk and Jason Strate Tik Tok)

Runner up: Ed Watson – Just a Gigolo

Finally, a big congratulations to all our nominees, everyone has been great and hopefully we’ll be able to do something similar again next year.

11 Responses to “Victors of the Tribal Awards”

  1. Brian Garraty says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Suggestions for next year:
    -Category for most helpful on various platforms (e.g., Twitter, Forums)
    -Category for most useful site or platform (SSC, MSDN, Twitter, etc)
    -Best non-technical blog or blog post for editorial or call to action type posts
    -Tweet of the year

  2. willliebago says:

    pics/videos of an actual award presentation would be cool for next year :)

  3. Keith Rowley says:

    I think you have captured the essence of great set of community awards here. I might like to see some best category in career development but other than that I love the categories you have chosen.

  4. jerryhung says:

    Congrats to all winners!!

    Ideas for next year
    - Best Twitter person to follow

  5. eflamm says:

    On behalf of AtlantaMDF, thanks to all the voters! Is there a badge we can put on our website?

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  7. paschott says:

    When I was looking at the initial list, I found it hard to pick for some of the categories. I wasn’t there for SQL Karaoke so couldn’t vote for that and wouldn’t necessarily know which voices are “new” when it comes to the community. They might be new to me, but could have been part of the community for years in ways I haven’t seen.

    I’m actually a little surprised that sp_whoisactive wasn’t higher on the list for best free tool. I use that quite regularly – more often than Ola’s backup scripts and sp_blitz. (both of which are excellent tools, but not something I use in my day to day duties)

    Of the categories for which I have knowledge, I pretty much agree with the results.

  8. fjzimmermanv says:

    ‘There are not the joins you’re looking for’
    should be ‘These are not the joins you are looking for’.

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