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2013 November

Ben Emmett

Saving your agile project: proper Post-it peeling

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Step 1) Write task on Post-it Step 2) Peel Post-it from pack Step 3) Put Post-it in to do column Step 4) Post-it falls onto floor, gets helpfully tidied into bin Step 5) Sad trombone noise It all went wrong in step 4, right? Some root cause analysis shows the problem begins in Step 2. […]

29 November 2013 9:31 am by

SSRS Table Cells with Mixed Formatting


In this quick post I’ll show you how to create and format a report so that you can configure individual table cells to display their contents with a mixture of text formatting. I have heard many people asking how to achieve this and it wasn’t until I was reading a blog post recently that I […]

28 November 2013 12:47 pm by
Simon Cooper

C# via Java: Primitive types


So, what is a primitive type? According to the Incompleteness Theorem, there will always be things in any mathematical system, and therefore any computational system, that cannot be defined using the rules of that system. These rules form the axioms of that system. For Java and C#, the axioms are the rules of the language […]

26 November 2013 11:14 pm by

SQLBeat Podcast Episode 12 – The Case of the Disappearing SQL – Rob Volk Talks Unicode Fun


If you think listening to two DBAs talking about some interesting and funny SQL hacks is entertainment, especially if the conversation dances around what Rob calls Unicode P o r n, then you are in for an enlightening 30 something minutes. As usual there is some light hearted antics and a few spoken word links […]

26 November 2013 1:53 pm by
David Pond

Introducing the Red Gate SSMS Ecosystem


The Red Gate SSMS Ecosystem is a framework that makes it easy to develop, share and manage SSMS add-ins. We aim to help add-in developers build everything from homegrown solutions and community-driven projects to commercial solutions provided by partner companies. We hope that DBAs and database developers will benefit from better integrated tools. Red Gate […]

22 November 2013 2:58 pm by
Tony Davis

Cloud Insecurity


Often, one sees the views of those raising reasoned doubts about cloud security dismissed as fogeyish and cloud-phobic. Of course, it’s a persuasive argument that cloud security is actually a non-issue, since under-investment means that the on-premise infrastructure of many organizations is a less secure environment for their applications than the cloud. The ClimateGate evidence, […]

22 November 2013 2:56 pm by
Bart Read

Node.js Development in Visual Studio – Life After Visual Node with Node Tools for Visual Studio

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By now you may have seen the first public alpha release of Node Tools for Visual Studio on CodePlex announced in Scott Hanselman’s excellent overview of the suite. You may have noticed Red Gate’s name associated with this and, particularly if you’re a Visual Node user, you’re probably wondering what’s going on, and where all […]

22 November 2013 12:18 am by
Ben Emmett

Getting people the right information at the right time


I’ve just had a great week at St Louis Days of .NET conference. I talked to a lot of people about the product I work on, and something which stood out was the number of long-time users (one who’d been using it since 2005!) who said “I love it, but I really wish it did […]

19 November 2013 5:18 pm by

It’s all a numbers game

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Just recently I have been using this small amount of code an awful lot so I thought I would share it here. A lot has been written about using a tally or numbers table and I’m not about to re-write any of that. This is simply how to create one really quickly. Lets start off […]

14 November 2013 7:39 pm by
Nigel Rivett

Generate a merge statement from table structure


/* This code generates a merge statement joining on the natural key and checking all other columns to see if they have changed. The full version deals with type 2 processing and an audit trail but this version is useful. Just the insert or update part is handy too.     Change the table at […]

12 November 2013 5:00 pm by
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