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2013 July

Simon Galbraith

Board-Level Agile – Using Agile with my Leadership Team


Next week, I’ll be speaking at Agile 2013. As a CEO, I go to plenty of conferences, but most of them are domain-specific: meeting Red Gate’s customers, or other CEOs and senior leaders, or seeing what’s going on in the SQL Server and .NET spaces. On the surface, Agile doesn’t feel like a great conference […]

30 July 2013 4:18 pm by
Grant Fritchey

Advantages of SQL Backup Pro

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Getting backups of your databases in place is a fundamental issue for protection of the business. Yes, I said business, not data, not databases, but business. Because of a lack of good, tested, backups, companies have gone completely out of business or suffered traumatic financial loss. That’s just a simple fact (outlined with a few […]

29 July 2013 3:08 pm by
Damon Armstrong

SQL Query for Determining SharePoint ACL Sizes


When a SharePoint Access Control List (ACL) size exceeds more than 64kb for a particular URL, the contents under that URL become unsearchable due to limitations in the SharePoint search engine.  The error most often seen is The Parameter is Incorrect which really helps to pinpoint the problem (its difficult to convey extreme sarcasm here, […]

23 July 2013 12:15 pm by
Phil Factor

Software Tuned to Humanity


I learned a great deal from a cynical old programmer who once told me that the ideal length of time for a compiler to do its work was the same time it took to roll a cigarette. For development work, this is oh so true. After intently looking at the editing window for an hour […]

18 July 2013 4:26 pm by

Keeping an Eye on Your Storage


There are plenty of resources that advise you about looking for signs that your storage hardware is having problems. SQL Server Alerts for 823, 824 and 825 are covered here by Paul Randall of SQL Skills: and here by me: Now until very recently I wasn’t aware that there was a different way […]

15 July 2013 9:00 am by
Louis Davidson

Good DBAs Do Baselines


One morning, you wake up and feel funny. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something isn’t quite right. What now? Unless you happen to be a hypochondriac, you likely drag yourself out of bed, get on with the day and gather more “evidence”. You check your symptoms over the next few days; […]

12 July 2013 4:20 am by
Ben Rees

Continuous Integration for SQL Server Part III – Deployment


Update: 31st March 2015 Since writing this article, a number of Redgate product development changes have taken place. Some of the references in the article are now out of date, so here’s a summary of the changes that have taken place: Redgate no longer sells Deployment Manager. As an alternative, everything described here can be […]

10 July 2013 9:51 am by

News From EAP Testing


There is a phrase that goes something like “Watch the pennies and the pounds/dollars will take care of themselves”, meaning that if you pay attention to the small things then the larger things are going to fare well too. I am lucky enough to be a Friend of Red Gate and once in a while […]

8 July 2013 2:16 pm by
Tony Davis

Comparing Apples and Pairs


A recent study, High Costs and Negative Value of Pair Programming, by Capers Jones, pulls no punches in its assessment of the costs-to- benefits ratio of pair programming, two programmers working together, at a single computer, rather than separately. He implies that pair programming is a method rushed into production on a wave of enthusiasm […]

4 July 2013 1:09 pm by
Michaela Murray

25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET: the Eagle has landed!


On Friday we launched our new free eBook, 25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications! Heading for 1000 of you have picked it up already, but if you haven’t got your copy yet, you can grab it from It’s the follow up to the wildly successful 50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance […]

2 July 2013 4:21 pm by

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