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2013 June

Damon Armstrong

Setting the Default Wiki Page in a SharePoint Wiki Library

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I’ve seen a number of blog posts about setting the default homepage in a wiki library, and most of them offer ways of accomplishing this task through PowerShell or through SharePoint designer.  Although I have become an ever increasing fan of PowerShell, I still prefer to stay away from it unless I’m trying to do […]

28 June 2013 3:17 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Showing All Pages in a SharePoint Wiki Library


Opening a SharePoint wiki takes you to the wiki homepage, which is what most users want and expect.  Administrators, on the other hand, will occasionally need to see a full list of wiki pages in the wiki library.  Getting to this view is really easy, but you have to know where to look. The problem […]

28 June 2013 2:45 pm by
Ben Rees

Continuous Integration for SQL Server Part II – Integration Testing


Update 31st March 2015 Since writing this article, a number of Redgate product development changes have taken place. Some of the references in the article are now out of date, so here’s a summary of the changes that have taken place: Redgate now offers an easier way to run continuous integration testing, using SQL CI […]

25 June 2013 10:56 am by
Phil Factor

Learn Many Languages


Around twenty-five years ago, I was trying to solve the problem of recruiting suitable developers for a large business. I visited the local University (it was a Technical College then). My mission was to remind them that we were a large, local employer of technical people and to suggest that, as they were in the […]

20 June 2013 9:07 am by

Working With Extended Events


SQL Server 2012 has made working with Extended Events (XE) pretty simple when it comes to what sessions you have on your servers and what options you have selected and so forth but if you are like me then you still have some SQL Server instances that are 2008 or 2008 R2. For those servers […]

18 June 2013 12:56 pm by
Tony Davis

What’s the use of code reuse?


All great developers write reusable code, don’t they? Well, maybe, but as with all statements regarding what “great” developers do or don’t do, it’s probably an over-simplification. A novice programmer, in particular, will encounter in the literature a general assumption of the importance of code reusability. They spend time worrying about DRY (don’t repeat yourself), […]

6 June 2013 4:11 pm by

SQL Monitor Alerts in Outlook Without Configuring Email Settings

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SQL Monitor is a Red Gate tool that I have a long history with and I have worked closely with the development team from a time before it was called SQL Monitor. It is with that history in mind I am a little disappointed in myself that I have only just found out about a […]

4 June 2013 8:59 am by
Simon Cooper

Why unhandled exceptions are useful

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It’s the bane of most programmers’ lives – an unhandled exception causes your application or webapp to crash, an ugly dialog gets displayed to the user, and they come complaining to you. Then, somehow, you need to figure out what went wrong. Hopefully, you’ve got a log file, or some other way of reporting unhandled […]

3 June 2013 11:44 am by

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