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2013 April

Nirmal Sharma

Active Directory Naming Information Could Not Be Located Because…

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Sometimes when you open an Active Directory tool, you might get hit with the “Active Directory Naming Information Could Not Be Located” error message. The error does not provide more information as to what “Naming Information” the tool is referring to. And also, there’s nothing in the event logs to let you know more about […]

29 April 2013 10:41 am by

Getting to know about SQL Server.


A lot of SQL professionals will be having a short working week this week. SQL Bits starts on Thursday and almost 700 people will be learning about SQL Server from some of the best speakers on the planet. Take a look at the agenda here if you don’t believe me. Now I realise that some […]

27 April 2013 9:16 am by
Phil Factor

Who’s afraid of the big bad data type


Guest Editorial Data types seem so innocuous, but mistakes in their use can creep up on you like a flesh-eating zombie and destroy your project just when you least expect it. Dealing with strings seems so trivial, what could go wrong? An awful lot: if I wanted to write horror films for developers, collations and […]

26 April 2013 1:46 pm by
Phil Factor

Azure Explorer: Cause for Cerebration.

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I’ve been taking various grumpy tentative steps towards using Azure, but my experience has been made a delight by a new free tool from Cerebrata, now part of Redgate. I’d better explain. Because it is now possible to run SQL Server in a VM in Azure, Microsoft added the means to do backups into an […]

26 April 2013 9:53 am by
Melanie Townsend

But…I’m between the chair and the keyboard


In my more paranoid moments, I think Outlook is waging a sophisticated and subtle campaign to convince me I’m going insane. In my calmer moods, I’m disgusted with my apparently innate assumption that the application must be working, the error is with me. Here’s what’s happening. I cover more than one inbox, but less than […]

23 April 2013 4:04 pm by
Bart Read

Google’s Working On A (Not So) New Programming Language & Platform For The Web: Dart… But Is It A Great Technology On The Road To Nowhere?


Last week I had the pleasure of watching Chris Buckett give a talk introducing Google’s newish web programming platform, Dart, at a London HTML5 User Group meeting at Skills Matter down in London. Chris has been working with and blogging about Dart for the past 18 months or so, and has also written a book […]

23 April 2013 3:27 pm by
Simon Cooper

Inside Portable Class Libraries


Portable Class Libraries were introduced with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 to aid writing libraries that could be used on many different platforms – the full .NET 4/4.5 framework, Windows Phone, Silverlight, Xbox, and Windows Store apps. You simply select which platforms and versions you want to target, then the available subset of APIs are magically […]

19 April 2013 2:40 pm by
Louis Davidson

What Counts For a DBA: Bravery


As a DBA, you have the opportunity to act like a firefighter. In fact the term ‘fire-fighting’ is very often used to describe those tasks needed to find the root cause of a system outage because there are a lot of similarities.  When fighting a real fire there is more to it than the obvious […]

19 April 2013 1:41 am by
Simon Cooper

Subterranean IL: ThreadLocal revisited


Last year, I looked at the ThreadLocal type as it exists in .NET 4. In .NET 4.5, this type has been completely rewritten. In this post, I’ll be looking at how the new ThreadLocal works in .NET 4.5. I won’t be looking at all the implementation details, but concentrating on how this type works. Again, […]

18 April 2013 4:07 pm by
Michael Williamson

Previewing image uploads with FileReader in HTML5


If a user is filling out an HTML form, and that form happens to include an image upload, it would be nice to show them a preview of the image. Using FileReader in HTML5, this turns out to be reasonably straightforward. The code below looks for any file input element with the class upload-image, and […]

18 April 2013 12:57 pm by
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