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2013 January

Rodney Landrum

From DBA to Data Professional and back again


One of my periodic tasks in the department I lead, “IT Data Services”, is to produce summary reports on the current state of my team’s projects, as well as statistics on our SQL Server infrastructure. For efficiency, I normally just write a quick query to pull the data from my DBA repository database, throw the […]

31 January 2013 5:04 pm by
Andrew Clarke

On taking a more nuanced approach to Cloud services.


Although it makes a lot of sense for an IT department to use the Cloud where possible instead of using its own IT infrastructure, you can’t just move everything and expect to be left with no task more taxing than twiddling a big dial marked ‘scale’. Whereas the cloud works well with stateless, process-heavy, application […]

28 January 2013 3:13 pm by

Looking for some women


A guest blog from Annette Allen UK based female speakers – Where are you? You may be aware but I’m helping to organise SQL Saturday Exeter, the second SQL Saturday to be held in the UK, following the success of SQL Saturday Cambridge last year.  Recently we put together the schedule of sessions.  We had […]

28 January 2013 12:00 pm by
Michaela Murray

Free eBook: 50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues

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Back in November, I started asking for your top tips on ASP.NET and SQL Server performance. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve now published 50 of our favourite in a free, brand-spanking new eBook – 50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues. When we asked for your tips, we really […]

25 January 2013 5:38 pm by
Ben Emmett

Announcing the Beta of ANTS Performance Profiler 8


We spend a lot of time talking to .NET developers, and over the last couple of months it’s been really interesting speaking to so many people writing Windows Store apps. If that’s you, I want to share something we’ve been working on for a while: A new beta release of ANTS Performance Profiler supporting Windows […]

24 January 2013 4:27 pm by

What is the best way to say you are speaking at a SQL Saturday?

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Why, with a logo that says “I’m speaking at a SQL Saturday” of course. SQL Saturday Exeter is the first that can offer its speakers a logo for their blog, website or email signature that shows everyone that they are on the schedule of the best SQL Server conference in the South West of the […]

22 January 2013 1:53 pm by
Tony Davis

Getting backs up about backups


I’ve been leafing with interest through the book, Pro Data Backup and Recovery, by Steve Nelson. For anyone predisposed to consider backup strategy largely from the perspective of a SQL Server database administrator, there are some revelatory passages, and a few that may cause you to splutter coffee over your keyboard. According to one such […]

17 January 2013 5:11 pm by
Chris Lambrou

SQL Monitor’s data repository: Monitoring data – part 1

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Okay, I had originally intended to blog about SQL Monitor on a fairly frequent basis. Unfortunately I got rather distracted towards the end of last year by a whole host of things, both personal and work related, and I ended up only writing two posts. That was a bit feeble, so now I’m going to […]

16 January 2013 2:48 pm by

Database management survey


  This is an appeal for some of your time to help a member of the UK SQL Server Community. Victoria Holt is a good friend of mine and is currently working towards her Phd and needs a whole load of people to fill out a survey on database management. Here is the ‘official’ description… […]

10 January 2013 10:36 pm by

Two days of the best SQL Server training that money doesn’t need to buy.


Date:8th and 9th March 2013 Location: Exeter, UK Event: SQL Saturday Exeter ( Description: A mini-conference featuring the elite of SQL Server trainers and volunteer speakers providing advice and guidance on working with SQL Server. SQL Saturday is a long running series of similar events that take place all over the world. They are organised […]

8 January 2013 10:45 pm by
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