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2012 October

Tom Lewin

How much is a subscriber worth?


This year at Red Gate, we’ve started providing a way to back up SQL Azure databases and Azure storage. We decided to sell this as a service, instead of a product, which means customers only pay for what they use. Unfortunately for us, it makes figuring out revenue much trickier. With a product like SQL […]

30 October 2012 10:50 am by
Jeff Foster

Deliberate Practice


It’s easy to assume, as software engineers, that there is little need to “practice” writing code. After all, we write code all day long! Just by writing a little each day, we’re constantly learning and getting better, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Of course, developers do improve with experience. Each time we encounter a […]

26 October 2012 8:11 am by
Grant Fritchey

Hosted Monitoring


The concept of using services to take the place of writing a lot of your own code goes way, way back in computing history. The fundamentals of the concept go back to the dawn of computing with places like IBM hosting time-shares for computing power that you could rent for short periods of time. But […]

25 October 2012 6:44 pm by
Michael Williamson

Lightning talk: Michael Williamson – Simple isn’t easy, or how to design the electrical mains in your house


If you’ve ever wanted to see me take an excellent article on why electrical plugs should have three prongs and turn it into a lightning talk, then here’s the video (with apologies to the original author of the article):

24 October 2012 8:36 am by
Red and the Community

That’s a wrap! Almost, there’s still one last chance to attend a SQL in the City event in 2012


The communities team are back from the SQL in the City multi-city US Tour and we are delighted to have met so many happy SQL Server professionals and Red Gate customers. We set out to run a series of back-to-back events in order to meet, talk to and delight as many SQL Server and Red […]

23 October 2012 2:55 pm by
Roger Hart

Another Marketing Conference, part two – the afternoon


In my previous post, I’ve covered the morning sessions at AMC2012. Here’s the rest of the write-up. I’ve skipped Charles Nixon’s session which was a blend of funky futurism and professional development advice, but you can see his slides here. I’ve also skipped the Google presentation, as it was a little thin on insight. 6 […]

22 October 2012 4:46 pm by
Damon Armstrong

SharePoint, HTTP Modules, and Page Validation


Sometimes I really believe that SharePoint actively thwarts my attempts to get it to do what I want.  First you look at something and say, wow, that should work.  Then you realize it doesn’t.  Then you have an epiphany and see a workaround.  And when you almost have that work around working… well then SharePoint […]

20 October 2012 2:45 am by
Roger Hart

Another Marketing Conference, part one – the best morning sessions.

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Yesterday I went to Another Marketing Conference. I honestly can’t tell if the title is just tipping over into smug, but in the balance of things that doesn’t matter, because it was a good conference. There was an enjoyable blend of theoretical and practical, and enough inter-disciplinary spread to keep my inner dilettante grinning from ear to […]

19 October 2012 1:41 pm by
Louis Davidson

What Counts For A DBA: ESP


Now I don’t want to get religious here, and I’m not going to, but what I’m going to describe in this ‘What Counts for a DBA’ installment sometimes feels like magic. Often  I will spend hours thinking about the solution to a design issue or coding problem, working diligently to try to come up with […]

18 October 2012 5:11 pm by

Red Gate does Byte Night 2012


On the 5th of October 2012, a team of nine plucky Red Gaters braved the howling wind and the driving rain to sleep outside. No tents or mattresses were allowed – all we took for protection were sleeping bags, groundsheets, plastic sacks and Colin’s enormous fishing umbrella (a godsend in umbrella-y disguise). Why would we […]

18 October 2012 10:02 am by
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