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Elizabeth Ayer is the Product Manager for SQL Source Control with Redgate, where she previously worked on .NET and Exchange tools. In addition to her day job, she now writes and speaks on Continuous Delivery and Database Lifecycle Management. Before turning to product management, Elizabeth was a Java and C++ developer at a large enterprise software organisation. She got out just as Lean methodology was rocking the software world, and she has since focused her energy on creating the right conditions for software teams to flourish.

Glimpse: Open Source Web Development

Published 6 September 2012 12:24 pm

We’re delighted to announce that Red Gate will be backing Glimpse! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the project, Glimpse is an open source tool which does for the server what Firebug does for the client. It’s been in beta for the last year, and we’re very excited to give Glimpse the support and dedicated effort needed to take it to a v1 and beyond.

Glimpse’s founders (Nik Molnar and Anthony van der Hoorn) have joined Red Gate, and they’re just as excited as we are about the opportunities that active development of Glimpse will bring. They will continue to write code, support the community and drive the project forward (as they’ve done since its inception). With full-time attention on growing Glimpse and its community, users and developers can expect the project to accelerate, with frequent releases of new functionality.

Red Gate is excited about its first major involvement with open source. You may well be wondering, though, why Red Gate is doing this. Glimpse dovetails beautifully with Red Gate’s .NET tools, which makes Glimpse an ideal framework for plugging in advanced, paid-for functionality (like performance analysis) the way web developers want to see it. As a means to this end, we will contribute to the Glimpse open source project in order to broaden its adoption and delight web developers.

Since bringing in .NET Reflector in 2008, we’ve learnt sharp lessons from the community about the right and wrong ways to engage with developers, not to mention the enduring value of free. Glimpse further shows what the .NET community can achieve through open source collaboration, and we’re looking forward to working with the Glimpse community to make something enduring and awesome. Nik and Anthony, themselves passionate advocates of community-driven software, will continue to control the Glimpse project, steering it to best meet the needs of its users and contributors.

If you have any questions or queries about Glimpse, or Red Gate’s involvement in the project, please tweet with the #glimpse hashtag, contact us at Red Gate on, or post to the Glimpse Development Forum on Google Groups.

7 Responses to “Glimpse: Open Source Web Development”

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  3. m192851 says:

    “We’re delighted to announce that Red Gate will be backing Glimpse!”

    You have to be kidding me… Red Gate is where great open source software goes to die. On the one hand I hate everything about this announcement, because I know for a fact that Red Gate doesn’t understand open source, and also because Red Gate is undeniably arrogant in handling an open source community.

    On the other hand I know for a fact that this will lead to much better alternatives. It’s just a matter of months before Red Gate will burn its fingers on this, and then we will get those nice ads on the .NET Rocks show “recent developments in the .NET community have created an opportunity for a new development tool… by Telerik”.

    So, good luck to Nik Molnar and Anthony van der Hoorn, your product will be turned into an ad-serving vehicle to sell more Red Gate products. Looks like you will have to start working on that pop-up code!

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  5. knuckleswanny says:

    I agree with m192851, how long do we get to use glimpse before we get the popup that says you must register this software with RedGate in order to continue using it. Crap, I was really starting to like that tool.

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  7. daisyflow says:

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