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2012 September

Michael Williamson

Modularity through HTTP


As programmers, we strive for modularity in the code we write. We hope that splitting the problem up makes it easier to solve, and allows us to reuse parts of our code in other applications. Object-orientation is the most obvious of many attempts to get us closer to this ideal, and yet one of the […]

27 September 2012 2:22 pm by

SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 4 – Mark Rasmussen on Machine Guns,Jelly Fish and SQL Storage Engine


In this this 4th SQLBeat Podcast I talk with fellow Dane Mark Rasmussen on SQL, machine guns and jelly fish fights; apparently they are common in our homeland. Who am I kidding, I am not Danish, but I try to be in this podcast. Also, we exchange knowledge on SQL Server storage engine particulars as […]

27 September 2012 1:58 am by
Jess Nickson

My First Weeks at Red Gate


Hi, my name’s Jess and early September 2012 I started working at Red Gate as a Software Engineer down in The Agency (the Publishing team). This was a bit of a shock, as I didn’t think this team would have any developers! I admit, I was a little worried when it was mentioned that my […]

25 September 2012 2:36 pm by

Free SQL Server training? Now you’re talking.


SQL Server user groups are everywhere, literally all over the globe there are SQL Server professionals meeting on a regular basis, sharing ideas, solving problems, learning about how to do new stuff and new ways to do old stuff and it’s all for free. I don’t have detailed figures but of all the SQL Server […]

24 September 2012 8:00 am by
Alex Davies

My book is released – Async in C# 5

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I’m pleased to announce that my book “Async in C# 5″ has been published by O’Reilly! If you want to know about how to use async, and whether it’s important for your code, I thoroughly recommend reading it. It’s the best book about the subject I’ve ever written. In fact it’s probably the best book I’ve […]

20 September 2012 12:34 pm by

SQLBeat Podcast Episode 3 – Buck Woody: Former Nun and Windows Azooray Solutioner


So here it is after so many anticipated months, Episode 3. I almost feel like having an American-style hot dog in a jar to celebrate. Buck Woody and I talk about that. And we talk about moms and a Woody tattoo,  Jehovah's Witness insurance salesmen, the proper pronunciation of Azure and character. We are in England, […]

20 September 2012 1:41 am by
Grant Fritchey

Getting a Database into Source Control

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For any number of reasons, from simple auditing, to change tracking, to automated deployment, to integration with application development processes, you’re going to want to place your database into source control. Using Red Gate SQL Source Control this process is extremely simple. SQL Source Control works within your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) interface.  This […]

17 September 2012 12:45 pm by
Tony Davis

Monitoring the Application alongside SQL Server


Sometimes, on Simple-Talk, it takes a while to spot strange and unexpected patterns of user activity, or small bugs. For example, one morning we spotted that an article’s comment count had leapt to 1485, but that only four were displayed. With some rooting around in Google Analytics, and the endlessly annoying Community Server admin-interface, we […]

14 September 2012 8:24 am by
Michael Williamson

Replacing “if”s with your own number system


During our second code retreat at Red Gate, the restriction for one of the sessions was disallowing the use of if statements. That includes other constructs that have the same effect, such as switch statements or loops that will only be executed zero or one times. The idea is to encourage use of polymorphism instead, […]

14 September 2012 8:22 am by
Colin Rothwell

My Red Gate Experience


I’m Colin, and I’ve been an intern working with Mike in publishing on Simple-Talk and SQLServerCentral for the past ten weeks. I’ve mostly been working “behind the scenes”, making improvements to the spam filtering, along with various other small tweaks. When I arrived at Red Gate, one of the first things Mike asked me was what […]

13 September 2012 12:37 pm by
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