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2012 July

Red Gate Software BI Tools Team

UserVoice and SSAS Compare


By Brian Tufnell If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know Red Gate is developing SSAS Compare to simplify deployment in the world of SQL Server Analysis Services. You’ll also know we’re keen to get your feedback while the tool is still in development, so we’ve set up a UserVoice page where you can submit […]

31 July 2012 5:01 pm by
Alex Davies

Web developers rejoice – .NET Demon can reload your browser

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I had a bit of spare time last week, so .NET Demon has a new feature for web developers. It’s called LiveReload Integration, and it uses the existing tool, LiveReload, which is popular with web developers on Macs. Every time .NET Demon finishes building your project, it will reload your tab in Google Chrome. For most people that’s […]

30 July 2012 4:47 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Setting Boolean Values in a SharePoint SPItemEventReceiver


One of the confusing things about implementing an SPItemEventReceiver that modifies properties on an SPListItem is that while you are given an actual SPListItem with which to work, you’re really not supposed to use it. Instead, you should be modifying properties in the AfterProperties property of the SPItemEventProperties parameter passed into the method. AfterProperties is […]

27 July 2012 8:31 pm by
Red Gate Software BI Tools Team

Self-service BI and SSAS Tabular


By Nick Sutherland Most of the BI professionals I’ve spoken to use enterprise BI — that is, they create analysis databases and reports on behalf of their business users, rather than letting the users explore the data warehouse themselves. The SSAS multidimensional model is most commonly used, with few using the newer tabular model for […]

26 July 2012 10:26 am by

SQL In the City – What an event!


A guest blog from @Mrs_Fatherjack Well to repeat Mr Fritchey – WOW, what an event. They went. . . They saw . . . They conquered – (Red Gate that is) What more can I say!! Well, quite a bit I think. I was fortunate enough to present alongside a colleague Dave Green (@d_a_green), we […]

25 July 2012 9:00 am by
David Atkinson

Plug and Play Database Continuous Integration with TeamCity

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In a previous blog I describe in twenty one easy steps how to set up continuous integration using a combination of TeamCity and Red Gate tools. Okay, it’s easy only in a relative sense, giving that until recently database continuous integration was almost impossible to set up.  One would always suspect that a twenty-one-step process […]

23 July 2012 5:25 pm by
Simon Cooper

Inside the DLR – Callsites


The DLR was introduced in .NET 4 to allow dynamic languages, like Python or Ruby, to run on the CLR. The DLR is also used by C# 4, released at the same time, to implement dynamic binding via the dynamic keyword. In this post, I’ll be looking at what exactly happens when you issue a […]

23 July 2012 12:23 pm by
Louis Davidson

What Counts for a DBA: Time


As far as I know, nobody’s last words, when their time was up, were “I wish I had worked more.” Perhaps a better time in one’s life is when there is still an opportunity to benefit from the insight.  It dawns on many of us.  I know people who wish they had worked harder when […]

20 July 2012 5:20 am by
Red Gate Software BI Tools Team

XMLA script execution: a new feature is born!

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By David Pond I’m the lead developer on SSAS Compare. Which is to say, it’s me (and an intern!) doing the programming. So when you find a bug, I’m the one who’ll fix it — and to be honest, I’m probably the one to blame in the first place. Luckily, I enjoy my work. And […]

18 July 2012 1:42 pm by

SQL in the City 2012 – London


Redgate software first ran their SQL in the City event in 2011 in London and I was highly honoured to be asked to speak at the event, it was a success and so was the following event in Los Angeles. Sadly I wasn’t invited to speak at that one! So a year passes and when […]

17 July 2012 4:33 pm by
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