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2012 June


SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 1 – Capturing a SQL Rockstar


This is the first permissible (waiting for signed disclaimers) episode of the SQL Beat Podcast featuring the gracious and famous Thomas La Rock. We talk about gay marriage, abortion, SQL community and a 9 inch pipe with a hole in it at the tip. No really. If there ever was a gentleman, SQL Rockstar is […]

29 June 2012 2:01 pm by

SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 2 – Max Trinidad Sells PowerShell on the Puerto Rican Seashore


In this episode, Max Trinidad, Powershell MVP lets me bait him into predicting the future of computing and helps me understand a thing or two about cultural misconceptions around locked men’s restrooms at busy cantinas. We are in beautiful Puerto Rico for this podcast and in honor of that, I try my hand at Espanol. […]

29 June 2012 1:03 pm by

Database Mirroring – deprecated

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Do you use mirroring on any of your databases? Do you use mirroring on SQL Server Standard Edition? I do, as a way of having a stand-by server ready to take over if there is a problem with the live server so that business can continue despite whatever disaster may strike at our primary server […]

29 June 2012 7:14 am by

Database IDs


Just a quick post, mainly to test out the new blog format but related to a question on the #sqlhelp hashtag. The question came from Justin Dearing (@zippy1981) as: So I take it database_id isn’t an ever incrementing value. #sqlhelp When a new database is created it is given the lowest available ID. This either is […]

27 June 2012 2:41 pm by
Red Gate Software BI Tools Team

The Birth of SSAS Compare

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Noemi Moreno, Red Gate Business Intelligence Specialist Software vendors – even Microsoft – tend to forget about the needs of business intelligence developers. We are a rare and rather invisible species. For example, BIDS remained in VS 2008 until SQL Server 2012. It took until this release before we got something as simple as an […]

27 June 2012 10:21 am by
Laila Lotfi

Calling all developers building ASP.NET applications


We know that developers building desktop apps have to contend with memory management issues, and we’d like to learn more about the memory challenges ASP.NET developers are facing. To be more specific, we’re carrying out some exploratory research leading into the next phase of development on ANTS Memory Profiler, and our development team would love […]

26 June 2012 1:48 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Browser Item Caching and URLs


Ultimately you want the browser to cache things like Flash components, Silverlight XAP files, and images to avoid users having to download them each time they hit a page.  But during development it’s very useful to NOT have things cached so you are always looking at the most up-to-date file.  You can always turn off […]

25 June 2012 7:18 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Microsoft Access as a Weapon of War


A while ago (probably a decade ago, actually) I saw a report on a tracking system maintained by a U.S. Army artillery control unit.  This system was capable of maintaining a bearing on various units in the field to help avoid friendly fire.  I consider the U.S. Army to be the most technologically advanced fighting […]

25 June 2012 2:03 am by
Red Gate Software BI Tools Team

Welcome to the Red Gate BI Tools Team blog!


Welcome to the first ever post on the brand new Red Gate Business Intelligence Tools Team blog! About the team Nick Sutherland (product manager): After many years as a software developer and project manager, Nick took an MBA and turned to product marketing. SSAS Compare is his second lean startup product (the first being SQL […]

22 June 2012 2:37 pm by
Tony Davis

On the art of self-promotion


I attended Brent Ozar’s Building the Fastest SQL Servers session at Tech Ed last week, and found myself engulfed in a ‘perfect storm’ of excellent technical and presentational skills coupled with an astute awareness of the value of promoting one’s work. I spend a lot of time at such events talking to developers and DBAs […]

22 June 2012 10:44 am by
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