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2012 May

Simon Cooper

PostSharp, Obfuscation, and IL


Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a relatively new programming paradigm. Originating at Xerox PARC in 1994, the paradigm was first made available for general-purpose development as an extension to Java in 2001. From there, it has quickly been adapted for use in all the common languages used today. In the .NET world, one of the primary […]

31 May 2012 5:11 pm by
Richard Mitchell

3 tips for SQL Azure connection perfection


One of my main annoyances when dealing with SQL Azure is of course the occasional connection problems that communicating to a cloud database entails. If you’re used to programming against a locally hosted SQL Server box this can be quite a change and annoying like you wouldn’t believe. So after hitting the problem again in […]

31 May 2012 1:40 am by
Simon Cooper

.NET vs Windows 8: Rematch!

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So, although you will be able to use your existing .NET skills to develop Metro apps, it turns out Microsoft are limiting Visual Studio 2011 Express to Metro-only. From the Express website: Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows 8 provides tools for Metro style app development. To create desktop apps, you need to use Visual […]

29 May 2012 10:16 am by

TSQL formatting – a sure fire way to start a conversation.


There are probably as many opinions on ways to format code as there are people writing code and I am not here to say that any one is better than any other. Well, that isn’t true. I am here to say that one way is better than another but this isn’t a matter of preference […]

29 May 2012 3:00 am by
David Atkinson

How to restore your production database without needing additional storage


Production databases can get very large. This in itself is to be expected, but when a copy of the database is needed the database must be restored, requiring additional and costly storage.  For example, if you want to give each developer a full copy of your production server, you’ll need n times the storage cost […]

28 May 2012 3:40 pm by
Chris George

Antenna Aligner Part 4: Role’ing in the deep


Since last time I’ve been trying to sort out the general workflow of the app. It’s fundamentally not hard, there is a list of transmitters, you select a transmitter and it shows the compass view. Having done quite a bit of ajax/ in the past, I immediately started off by creating two divs within my […]

28 May 2012 6:59 am by
Laila Lotfi

Modernizr Rocks HTML5


HTML5 is a moving target.  At the moment, we don’t know what will be in future versions.  In most circumstances, this really matters to the developer. When you’re using Adobe Air, you can be reasonably sure what works, what is there, and what isn’t, since you have a version of the browser built-in. With Metro, […]

25 May 2012 2:12 pm by
Tony Davis

The long road to bug-free software


The past decade has seen a burgeoning interest in functional programming languages such as Haskell or, in the Microsoft world, F#. Though still on the periphery of mainstream programming, functional programming concepts are gradually seeping into the imperative C# language (for example, Lambda expressions have their root in functional programming). One of the more interesting […]

25 May 2012 11:57 am by
Red and the Community

Taking our Friendships to the next level.


Red Gate have been running the Friends of Red Gate program for years now, and over that time we’ve built some great relationships with some truly awesome members of the SQL and .NET communities. When I took over the running of the program from Annabel in 2011, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and commitment […]

22 May 2012 2:07 pm by
Chris George

Antenna Aligner Part 3: Kaspersky


Quick one today. Since starting this project, I’ve been encountering times where Nomad fails to build my app. It would then take repeated attempts at building to then see a build go through successfully. Rob, who works on Nomad at Red Gate, investigated this and it showed that certain parts of the message required to […]

22 May 2012 1:35 am by
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