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2012 March

Dave Convery

To Serve Man?


Since the announcement of Windows 8 and its ‘Metro’ interface, the .NET community has wondered if the skills they’ve spent so long developing might be swept aside,in favour of HTML5 and JavaScript. Mercifully, that only seems to be true of SilverLight (as Simon Cooper points out), but it did leave me thinking how easy it […]

30 March 2012 2:42 am by

World Backup Day


Here at Red Gate Towers, the SQL Backup development team have been hunkered down in their shed for the last few months, with the toolbox, blowtorch and chamois leather out, upgrading SQL Backup. When we started, autumn leaves were falling. Now we’re about to finish, spring flowers are budding. If not quite a gleaming new […]

29 March 2012 7:58 am by
Simon Cooper

.NET vs Windows 8


So, day 1 of DevWeek. Lots and lots of Windows 8 and WinRT, as you would expect. The keynote had some actual content in it, fleshed out some of the details of how your apps linked into the Metro infrastructure, and confirmed that there would indeed be an enterprise version of the app store available […]

28 March 2012 10:56 am by
Simon Cooper

Inside the Concurrent Collections: ConcurrentBag


Unlike the other concurrent collections, ConcurrentBag does not really have a non-concurrent analogy. As stated in the MSDN documentation, ConcurrentBag is optimised for the situation where the same thread is both producing and consuming items from the collection. We’ll see how this is the case as we take a closer look. Again, I recommend you […]

26 March 2012 4:30 pm by
Simon Cooper

DevWeek 2012


For those interested, myself and a few other people from Red Gate will be going to DevWeek 2012 in London this week. I’ll be mostly around the .NET and C# talks, but may drop into the architecture and agile talks as well. I’ll be blogging interesting stuff I come across as well. If you want […]

26 March 2012 11:14 am by
Bart Read

Down Tools Week Cometh: Kissing Goodbye to CVs/Resumes and Cover Letters


I haven’t blogged about what I’m doing in my (not so new) temporary role as Red Gate’s technical recruiter, mostly because it’s been routine, business as usual stuff, and because I’ve been trying to understand the role by doing it. I think now though the time has come to get a little more radical, so […]

22 March 2012 4:54 pm by
Alex Davies

Why lock-free data structures just aren’t lock-free enough


Today’s post will explore why the current ways to communicate between threads don’t scale, and show you a possible way to build scalable parallel programming on top of shared memory. The problem with shared memory Soon, we will have dozens, hundreds and then millions of cores in our computers. It’s inevitable, because individual cores just […]

19 March 2012 10:39 pm by
Tony Davis

Concurrent Affairs


I once wrote an editorial, multi-core mania, on the conundrum of ever-increasing numbers of processor cores, but without the concurrent programming techniques to get anywhere near exploiting their performance potential. I came to the.controversial.conclusion that, while the problem loomed for all procedural languages, it was not a big issue for the vast majority of programmers. […]

16 March 2012 11:15 am by
Michaela Murray

Upcoming Webinar: Practical Performance Profiling presented by Jean-Philippe Gouigoux


Hot on the heels of releasing his new book, Practical Performance Profiling, I’m delighted that Jean-Philippe Gouigoux will be joining us on April 3rd to present a free webinar on optimizing .NET code performance. He gave me a sneak preview of his talk last week and there’s a lot of really useful advice in there. […]

13 March 2012 6:45 am by
Phil Factor

A Slice of Raspberry Pi


Guest editorial for the ITPro/SysAdmin newsletter The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done a superb design job on their new $35 network-enabled Linux computer. This tiny machine, incorporating an ARM processor on a Broadcom BCM2835 multimedia chip, aims to put the fun back into learning computing. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive.Note that aim: “…to […]

13 March 2012 12:16 am by
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