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2011 November

Grant Fritchey

Unit Testing TSQL


I went through a period of time where I spent a lot of effort figuring out how to set up unit tests for TSQL. It wasn’t easy. There are a few tools out there that help, but mostly it involves lots of programming. well, not as much as before. Thanks to the latest Down Tools […]

30 November 2011 7:32 am by

Time to Check Your Servers


Do you know how to find the time that your SQL Server started? Since SQL Server 2008 you can use: SELECT sqlserver_start_timeFROM sys.dm_os_sys_info On one of my servers this gives me: This is great, and can be used in lots of ways. I happened across the [sys].[dm_exec_requests]view the other day and out of curiosity ran […]

24 November 2011 8:20 am by
Simon Cooper

Inside Red Gate – Experimenting In Public


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be performing experiments on SmartAssembly to confirm or refute various hypotheses we have about how people use the product, what is stopping them from using it to its full extent, and what we can change to make it more useful and easier to use. Some of these experiments can […]

21 November 2011 2:27 pm by
Grant Fritchey

Last Chance At Space


All entries for the DBA In Space contest have to be in by Tuesday the 22nd, 12 noon GMT. I’m so jealous of all of you who can enter this contest. Just think about it. You’re getting a chance to take a sub-orbital rocket ride. But, here’s the kicker, the chances are limited to data […]

16 November 2011 12:10 am by
Simon Cooper

Inside Red Gate – Exercises in Leanness


There’s a new movement rumbling around Red Gate Towers – the Lean Startup. At its core is the idea that you don’t have to be in a company with single-digit employees to be an entrepreneur; you simply have to (being blunt) not know what you should be doing. Specifically, you accept that you don’t know […]

15 November 2011 6:00 pm by
Simon Cooper

The SmartAssembly Rearchitecture


You may have noticed that not a lot has happened to SmartAssembly in the past few months. However, the team has been very busy behind the scenes working on an entirely new version of SmartAssembly. SmartAssembly 6.5 Over the past few releases of SmartAssembly, the team had come to the realisation that the current ‘architecture’ […]

14 November 2011 11:10 am by

Interview with Geoff Bones, developer on SQL Storage Compress


How did you come to be working at Red Gate? I’ve been working at Red Gate for nine months; before that I had been at a multinational engineering company. A number of my colleagues had left to work at Red Gate and spoke very highly of it, but I was happy in my role and […]

14 November 2011 10:52 am by
Louis Davidson

What Counts for A DBA: Observant


When walking up to the building where I work, I can see CCTV cameras placed here and there for monitoring access to the building. We are required to wear authorization badges which could be checked at any time. Do we have enemies?  Of course! No one is 100% safe; even if your life is a […]

14 November 2011 3:35 am by
Roger Hart

Who writes the words? A rant with graphs.


If you read my rant, you’ll know that I’m getting a bit of a bee in my bonnet about user interface text. But rather than just yelling about the way the world should be (short version: no UI text would suck), it seemed prudent to actually gather some data. Rachel Potts has made an excellent […]

11 November 2011 1:13 pm by
Tony Davis

Fair Comments


To what extent is good code self-documenting? In one of the most entertaining sessions I saw at the recent PASS summit, Jeremiah Peschka (blog | twitter) got a laugh out of a sleepy post-lunch audience with the following remark: "Some developers say good code is self-documenting; I say, get off my team" I silently applauded […]

10 November 2011 4:23 pm by
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