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2011 August

Laerte Junior

Storing Windows Event Viewer Output in a SQL Server table with PowerShell


My good friend Marcos Freccia (blog | twitter) asked me for a simple and fast way to save the output of running the Get-EventLog cmdlet on a SQL Server table. Well, the quickest and easiest way that I know is to use Chad Miller’s Out-DataTable and Write-DataTable functions, because the Write-dataTable function uses sqlbulkcopy. I […]

31 August 2011 6:31 pm by
Dom Smith

The ANTS Memory Profiler Filter help panel


In my last blog post, I discussed the features that were renamed in ANTS Memory Profiler 7.0. In this post, I present another aspect that I worked on in the same product: the ‘Filter help panel’. Like many of the changes we make in our products, user feedback strongly influenced our decision to include additional […]

31 August 2011 9:00 am by
Grant Fritchey

Hybrid Cloud


Someone from the Productivity team at Microsoft sent me personally a tweet (squee!) asking what I thought about this article on the idea that companies are going to take a hybrid approach to the cloud. My immediate response, which I tweeted, was “Of course.” It only makes sense. People are going to identify things that […]

30 August 2011 8:45 am by
Grant Fritchey

Google+ Hangouts With a Purpose


The other morning I held my first G+ Hangout that had an actual agenda. Mind you, my agenda was defined as follows: Database Deployments, how do you do them, how do you control them, best practices, worst practices, horror stories, anything & everything about database deployments. That’s a somewhat amorphous and loose agenda, I’ll freely […]

25 August 2011 9:22 am by
Grant Fritchey

Exploring SQL Azure


I’m spending a little bit of time each week trying out a few things in SQL Azure. I’m convinced that we’re going to be spending time tuning our SQL Azure databases much the same way as we tune our regular SQL Server databases. That is to say, we won’t tune the databases at all until […]

23 August 2011 7:00 am by

Coordinating schedules


I’m moving a SQL Server off old hardware at the moment and one thing that makes life easier if to have the same schedules on the new server, all ready to pick from the UI when you are creating new jobs. Having to create a new schedule in the middle of this process is a […]

23 August 2011 3:00 am by
Tony Davis

A DBA’s best friend is his tempdb


There is a saying amongst welfare agencies that one can tell how well a family is functioning by looking at their dog. If the dog is neurotic, neglected or maltreated, one fears for the welfare of the children. Likewise, you can tell a lot about the skills of a team of DBAs and developers by […]

18 August 2011 5:22 pm by
Dom Smith

Objects or instances


Why we renamed some features in ANTS Memory Profiler 7 When you are designing a complex product, it is important to ensure that terminology is both consistently used and unambiguous. This helps to avoid confusion amongst users and so contributes to that mass of small things that combine to make the difference between software which […]

17 August 2011 11:06 am by
Andrew Clarke

DevOps: Nostrums or Knowledge?


There are good reasons for the management of the release of applications. Businesses see it as a safety-net to ensure the success of software deployment. This is a process that requires a different mind-set and set of disciplines to development, and is best handled by small specialist teams that are responsible for getting software delivered […]

16 August 2011 7:25 am by
Grant Fritchey

SQL In The City I and II


The first ever SQL In The City event has come and gone. Well over 300 people showed up at the Royal Society of Medicine (and what an excellent place to hold the meeting) to get a full day of free training on various SQL Server topics. They also had the chance to network and talk […]

15 August 2011 6:04 am by
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