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2011 July

Grant Fritchey

Hanging Out


Google+ is introducing a number of new ways to interact with people. They’re so new, there’s not really a good set of documents on how to use them. One of the new bits of functionality that intrigued me was the Hangout. You send out an invite and suddenly you’re networking with other people. Sounds like […]

29 July 2011 2:45 pm by
Ben Challenor

Learning to Xcode: thoughts of a C# developer

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Here at Red Gate we’ve been running a “New Business” division for a while. The goal of New Business is to try things that Red Gate wouldn’t normally try. With each idea we hope to succeed, of course, but if we fail we want to fail quickly. After the release of SQL Monitor 2 I […]

27 July 2011 4:26 pm by

SQL in the City London


Last Friday I was made to wake up obscenely early, which is something that I generally avoid. On this occasion, however, I was excited enough to spring out of bed when my alarm went, rather than hitting snooze three times before rousing, as is my usual routine. The reason for my uncharacteristically sprightly behaviour was […]

27 July 2011 2:16 pm by
Rodney Landrum

Denali-runner: Do DBAs dream of readable replicas?


Several years ago, I sat attentively in my new boss’ office, as he described a constant and painful thorn in the side of our company. The problem was with one particular highly visible and critical OLTP system that was now firmly rooted in production; it was being beaten up, badly. It was a large database, […]

21 July 2011 2:50 pm by
Laerte Junior

On Sharing – A Personal Note


I got into Powershell a few years after I saw a post mentioning it, here on Simple-Talk, by Ron Dameron (another person who’s knowledge and writing I’m a fan of). Having seen the technology mentioned, I then saw a presentation on the topic at TechEd Brazil 2008 by Buck Woody, and I was immediately in […]

21 July 2011 8:56 am by

SQL in the City in retrospect – part 2


My session and the things that I will remember for a long time. My session Neil Hambly was speaking before me and had a flurry of questions right at the end of his talk that meant he over-ran a little. Now I have mentioned in a previous blog post that I was concerned as this […]

21 July 2011 2:07 am by
Rebecca Amos

Finalists announced! Exceptional DBA Awards 2011


Thank you again to everyone who entered this year’s Exceptional DBA Awards. We had a record number of responses this year, and we really appreciate the time everyone took to enter. We’re delighted to announce this year’s five finalists are: Thomas Hill of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Jeff Moden of DiscoverReady Scott Shaw of Mercy […]

19 July 2011 9:25 am by

SQL in the City in retrospect – part 1


The journey, the build-up and the day The Journey We left Devon early on the Tuesday. Very early. We had plenty of time for me to tweet during the time allowed for connections. Anyone following me on Twitter will know how much I enjoyed that opportunity! We arrived at Cambridge in the late afternoon and […]

19 July 2011 9:04 am by

Technology Ventures Conference


Red Gate attended the Technology Ventures Conference (TVC), held at the Cambridge Student Union on the 8th June, and we had a great day.  The TVC is an event to showcase start-ups in the local area and to allow them to pitch for funding in the style of Dragon’s Den.  Red Gate are one of […]

15 July 2011 10:36 am by

Cooking up a Storm


I recently moved from Red Gate’s Finance team to The Agency, where the Marketing magic (And all the colouring in), happens. Every year each Red Gate team is given a generous budget and a free day out of the office to go and spend having fun with each other however they please.  In my four […]

14 July 2011 11:17 am by
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