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2011 June

Laila Lotfi

Turnkey with LightSwitch


Microsoft has long wanted to find a replacement for Microsoft Access. The best attempt yet, which is due out in, or before, September is Visual Studio LightSwitch, with which it is said to be as ‘easy as flipping a switch’ to use Silverlight to create simple form-driven business applications. It is easy to get confused […]

30 June 2011 6:31 pm by
Rebecca Amos

Last chance to enter! Exceptional DBA Awards 2011


Only 1 day left to enter the Exceptional DBA Awards! Get started on your entry today, and you could be heading to Seattle for the PASS Summit in October. All you need to do is visit the Exceptional DBA website and answer a few questions about: Your career and achievements as a SQL Server DBAAny […]

29 June 2011 8:35 am by
John Magnabosco

SQL Saturday and Exploring Data Privacy


I have been highly impressed with the growth of the SQL Saturday phenomenon. It seems that an announcement for a new wonderful event finds its way to my inbox on a daily basis. I have had the opportunity to attend the first of the SQL Saturday’s for Tampa, Chicago, Louisville and recently my home town […]

29 June 2011 2:28 am by
Grant Fritchey

SQLIO Writes


SQLIO is a fantastic utility for testing the abilities of the disks in your system. It has a very unfortunate name though, since it’s not really a SQL Server testing utility at all. It really is a disk utility. They ought to call it DiskIO because they’d get more people using I think. Anyway, branding […]

28 June 2011 7:30 am by

Alerts are good, aren’t they?


It is accepted best practise to set some alerts on every SQL instance you install. They aren’t particularly well publicised but I have never seen any one not recommend setting up alerts for Error 823, 824 and 825. These alerts are focussed on successful access(IO) to the hard drives that SQL Server is using. If […]

27 June 2011 5:00 am by
Simon Cooper

Inside Red Gate – Be Reasonable!

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As I discussed in my previous posts, divisions and project teams within Red Gate are allowed a lot of autonomy to manage themselves. It’s not just the teams though, there’s an awful lot of freedom given to individual employees within the company as well. Reasonableness How Red Gate treats it’s employees is embodied in the […]

24 June 2011 5:14 pm by
Tony Davis

Cloud Backup: Getting the Users’ Backs Up


On Wednesday last week, Microsoft announced that as of July 1, all data transfers into its Microsoft Azure cloud will be free (though you have to pay for transferring data out). On Thursday last week, SQL Azure in Western Europe went down. It was a relatively short outage, but since SQL Azure currently provides no […]

24 June 2011 2:40 pm by
Rebecca Amos

4 Top Tips from the Exceptional DBA Award judges


There’s still time to celebrate your achievements as a DBA – or those of a DBA you know – by submitting a nomination for the Exceptional DBA Awards 2011. To help you get started, here are some top tips from the judges on what they’re looking for from this year’s winner [hint: it's very likely […]

23 June 2011 5:29 pm by
Richard Mitchell

SQL Azure Down – how I got back up


11:06am – Currently SQL Azure in western europe is down How do I know this? Well on (my Azure website) I have elmah installed which started sending me e-mails about connection failures from 10:40am when trying to get the dynamic content from the database (I was too busy playing with my new Eee Pad […]

23 June 2011 1:26 am by
Grant Fritchey

SQL Excursions


Not everyone likes boats. Some people like hanging out, on dry land, maybe sipping a good wine. Interested in doing that AND learning some new stuff about SQL Server? Then you might want to check out SQL Excursions. Denny Cherry (blog|twitter), MVP and terribly sharp individual, has organized this new venture to supply small group […]

20 June 2011 5:45 am by
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