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2011 May

Simon Cooper

Inside Red Gate – Introduction


I work for Red Gate Software, a software company based in Cambridge, UK. In this series of posts, I’ll be discussing how we develop software at Red Gate, and what we get up to, all from a dev’s perspective. Before I start the series proper, in this post I’ll give you a brief background to […]

31 May 2011 5:00 pm by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector 7.2 Early Access Build 2 Released: Performance Critical


I’ve just posted a write-up of some of the performance tuning I’ve done to improve .NET Reflector 7.2′s start-up time here: You can get the new build from the .NET Reflector homepage at Please remember to give us your feedback in the forum, at, using the tags #7.2 and #eap. Technorati Tags: […]

31 May 2011 3:53 pm by
Rebecca Amos

Exceptional DBA Awards 2011


From today, we’re accepting nominations for the 2011 Exceptional DBA Awards. DBAs make a vital contribution to the running of the companies they work for, and the Exceptional DBA Awards aim to acknowledge this and make this contribution more widely known. Check out our new website for all the info:  Being an exceptional DBA […]

31 May 2011 11:12 am by
Grant Fritchey

Monitoring Baseline


Knowing what’s happening on your servers is important, that’s monitoring. Knowing what happened on your server is establishing a baseline. You need to do both. I really enjoyed this blog post by Ted Krueger (blog|twitter). It’s not enough to know what happened in the last hour or yesterday, you need to compare today to last […]

30 May 2011 8:30 am by
Simon Cooper

Anatomy of a .NET Assembly – Signature encodings


If you’ve just joined this series, I highly recommend you read the previous posts in this series, starting here, or at least these posts, covering the CLR metadata tables. Before we look at custom attribute encoding, we first need to have a brief look at how signatures are encoded in an assembly in general. Signature […]

27 May 2011 12:31 pm by
Phil Factor

Some Original Expressions


Guest Editorial for Simple-Talk newsletterIn a guest editorial for the Simple-Talk Newsletter, Phil Factor wonders if we are still likely to find some more novel and unexpected ways of using the newer features of Transact SQL: or maybe in some features that have always been there! There can be a great deal of fun to […]

27 May 2011 1:20 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector 7.2 Early Access Build 1 Released


I’ve just posted up full details of this release on the .NET Reflector blog at and, breaking with previous tradition, this includes a fairly extensive changelog. You can download this EA build from the .NET Reflector homepage at Enjoy! (And please don’t forget to tell us what you think on the forum,, […]

20 May 2011 4:07 pm by
Laila Lotfi

Monopolytics: Porting the .NET framework


.NET was originally conceived as a portable framework that would run on any number of platforms. Microsoft has gradually diminished their ambitions for .NET and Silverlight, but as long as Mono and Moonlight lived, there was proof that the framework can be ported. It came as a surprise to many, therefore, that Attachmate should close […]

20 May 2011 12:29 pm by
Grant Fritchey

Tools for Cloud Construction


I’ve been reviewing the tools coming from Microsoft that help you deploy and manage your SQL Azure database over on Scary DBA. Over here, quite frankly, I’ve been pointing out that we have a selection of tools that are already working better than those coming from the MS tool set. But I hadn’t seen them […]

20 May 2011 5:00 am by
Simon Cooper

Visual Studio vNext


At TechEd this year, there’s only a few sessions and expo booths aimed squarely at devs rather than sysadmins and DBAs, but one of the things I picked up on was what’s going into Visual Studio vNext. There’s no shiny new UI features (that they’ve announced so far…) but they are doing a whole lot […]

19 May 2011 6:54 pm by
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