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2011 February


Don’t even believe SSMS when you think it’s telling the truth


LiveJournal Tags: how To,ssms,tips and tricks,tsqlThis is in follow up to my last post How to make sure you see the truth in Management Studio which explained that the time that you see at the bottom of a Management Studio window cannot be believed to represent the time it takes for a query to execute […]

28 February 2011 3:00 am by
Laila Lotfi

A Fresh Start


As you may already be aware, I’m no longer responsible for the .NET Reflector newsletter. That publication is now in the very capable hands of the Reflector team. But fear not; starting in early April, I’ll be launching a brand new .NET Newsletter, and I invite you to enjoy the very first edition by subscribing […]

24 February 2011 1:12 pm by

How to make sure you see the truth with Management Studio


LiveJournal Tags: TSQL,How To,SSMS,Tips and TricksDid you know that SQL Server Management Studio can mislead you with how your code is performing? I found a query that was using a scalar function to return a date and wanted to take the opportunity to remove it in favour of a table valued function that would be […]

23 February 2011 9:00 am by
Simon Cooper

Subterranean IL: Exception handler semantics


In my blog posts on fault and filter exception handlers, I said that the same behaviour could be replicated using normal catch blocks. Well, that isn’t entirely true… Changing the handler semantics Consider the following: .try { .try { .try { newobj instance void [mscorlib]System.Exception::.ctor() // IL for: // e.Data.Add(“DictKey”, true) throw } fault { […]

21 February 2011 12:00 pm by
Andrew Clarke

Opportunity Nokia’s


Nokia’s alliance with Microsoft is likely to be good news for anyone using Microsoft technologies, and particularly for .NET developers. Before the announcement, the future wasn’t looking so bright for the ‘mobile’ version of Windows, Windows Phone. Microsoft currently has only 3.1% of the Smartphone market, even though it has been involved in it for […]

17 February 2011 9:25 pm by
Louis Davidson

What Counts for a DBA: Skill


“Practice makes perfect:” right? Well, not exactly. The reality of it all is that this saying is an untrustworthy aphorism. I discovered this in my “younger” days when I was a passionate tennis player, practicing and playing 20+ hours a week. No matter what my passion level was, without some serious coaching (and perhaps a […]

15 February 2011 1:57 am by
Simon Cooper

Subterranean IL: Filter exception handlers


Filter handlers are the second type of exception handler that aren’t accessible from C#. Unlike the other handler types, which have defined conditions for when the handlers execute, filter lets you use custom logic to determine whether the handler should be run. However, similar to a catch block, the filter block does not get run […]

14 February 2011 12:19 pm by
Andrew Clarke

RSS Feeds currently on Simple-Talk

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There are a number of news-feeds for the Simple-Talk site, but for some reason they are well hidden. Whilst we set about reorganizing them, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the more important ones. The most important one for almost all purposes is the Homepage RSS feed which represents […]

14 February 2011 7:37 am by
Phil Factor

The Presentation Isn’t Over Until It’s Over


The senior corporate dignitaries settled into their seats looking important in a blue-suited sort of way. The lights dimmed as I strode out in front to give my presentation.  I had ten vital minutes to make my pitch.  I was about to dazzle the top management of a large software company who were considering the […]

14 February 2011 12:22 am by
Simon Cooper

Subterranean IL: Fault exception handlers


Fault event handlers are one of the two handler types that aren’t available in C#. It behaves exactly like a finally, except it is only run if control flow exits the block due to an exception being thrown. As an example, take the following method: .method public static void FaultExample(bool throwException) { .try { ldstr […]

9 February 2011 4:46 pm by
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