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2010 September

Clive Tong

The Joy of Clojure (book review)

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It’s been a long time since Lisp and Scheme have been in the news. Despite the abilities of these languages to enable fast prototyping of complicated applications, they got overlooked in the old days due to people’s suspicion of garbage collection and their rather strange syntax. In more modern times, the take up of virtual […]

30 September 2010 4:02 pm by

Wasted effort


I have mentioned putting comments in your code previously on this blog – Encouraging Comments – but I have just happened across a blog where there is a function that does date manipulation and could be handy for a project I am working on. There isn’t one piece of comment in the whole 50 lines […]

26 September 2010 3:24 pm by
Phil Factor

Exploring foreign key relationships with system views


/*When you are exploring a database, it is interesting to check out the foreign key constraints. These will only tell you the relationships between tables if they have been properly filled-in. However, if they have been, then it becomes absurdly easy to construct queries, either graphically, or via system views.I’ve used several ways of ‘walking’ […]

23 September 2010 2:30 pm by
Chris Massey



PowerShell 2 is an integral part of Exchange Server 2010, and the latest Windows Server technologies, perhaps on the premise that ubiquity breeds familiarity. Exchange has now reached the point where some operations are only available to Powershell scripts, leaving no safe but slow GUI alternative for the tentative administrator (although there’s a certain irony […]

23 September 2010 7:19 am by

A thousand "thank you"s


Today was a good day for me. I have been a member of a SQL Server support forum since late last year and at the start of this year I set myself a target. I decided that rather than just posting questions and getting solutions out of the internet via blogs, vendors sites and forums […]

22 September 2010 4:07 pm by
Damon Armstrong

System.DirectoryServices Unknown error (0×80005000) Resolution


This seems completely ridiculous.  I needed to write some queries against Active Directory so I made a quick console application to thresh things out before putting them inside SharePoint.  After getting everything working, I dropped it into a web part and deployed it out to our test server.  After setting up the LDAP connection on […]

21 September 2010 11:31 pm by
Alex Davies

Automated testing in Silverlight with Statlight


I really like automated testing. Not just on any kind of religious basis, it just saves loads of time. I think it’s best when the tests run automatically on or after each build. So I was disappointed to find that there isn’t a way provided with the Silverlight framework to run tests for Silverlight applications. […]

21 September 2010 1:24 pm by
Roger Hart

UA Europe 2010: whistle-stop account


Last week (16th –17th Sept) saw the UA Europe conference in Stockholm (a lovely city, by the way). I was speaking, but since this is one of my few blog posts that isn’t self-aggrandizing codswallop, I’ll gloss over that. It was well-enough received, despite some localization issues around a largely European audience, and my rather […]

21 September 2010 10:29 am by

SQLBits 7 – A conference top ten.

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Well, it’s 10 days until SQLBits 7 starts in York, UK. In order to celebrate the countdown of these  few days I have gathered together a list of facts(*) you might not know about the SQLBits Conferences. Ten things you may not know about SQLBits: SQLBits is organised by a group of 9 fabulously talented […]

20 September 2010 12:00 pm by

Where do you think you are going with that update?


In our development systems we have scripts that we use to reset the database so that we can test and retest our code. Obviously this is sensible and very useful in order to ensure a good deployment of new procedures and so forth. Now it doesn’t take a genius to notice that running those reset […]

16 September 2010 7:30 pm by
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