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2010 August

Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: How can I decompile the implementation of an entire class or struct?


With .NET Reflector you don’t need to decompile a type method by method. You can do the whole thing at once, although it may not be immediately obvious how. All you need to do is select the type you want in the assemblies list. If needs be right-click on it and click Disassemble. At this […]

31 August 2010 6:01 pm by
John Magnabosco

OUTPUT Clause Saves The Day

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Frank, the DBA, pecked at his keyboard with feverish rapidity. His tongue pointed from his lips caused his tense breathing to be audible to the entire department. His eyes were glazed with that “don’t bother me I am deep in code” look that staged off all but the bravest of co-workers. Amid the array of […]

28 August 2010 7:58 pm by
Rodney Landrum

SQL Alphabet and Friday Nights

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So, it is Friday night in Lake Mary, Florida, our new home. I get off work at 3:30 on Friday and after a soothing cold Hazed and Confused IPA from our new favorite watering hole, it is time to play some SQL Alphabet. If you have ever been the unwitting participant at a SQL Saturday or […]

27 August 2010 11:42 pm by
Ben Adderson

Switching from Selenium 1.x to WebDriver/Selenium 2 and HtmlUnit


Recently I became aware of the work that is being done to merge the WebDriver and Selenium codebases. The result is Selenium 2, a project that aims to offer the best bits from both. For more details about the merge, see here. Having only used Selenium and not WebDriver before, there were a couple of […]

26 August 2010 7:34 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: How do I integrate .NET Reflector with the Windows Explorer shell?


You can integrate .NET Reflector with the Windows Explorer shell so that you can open assemblies in .NET Reflector directly from Explorer. To do this open up .NET Reflector, then click Tools > Integration Options on the main menu. Now just check the Windows Explorer option at the bottom and hit OK. Once you’ve done […]

25 August 2010 6:09 pm by
Tony Davis

Oslo at rock bottom


Back in 2003, Microsoft launched a project that they hoped would "capture people’s ideas, requirements and hopes for software" and turn them into distributed applications. It was variously described as the "Excel" of the database world; a people’s data repository. In short, this project, codenamed Oslo, set out to create a general-purpose software-modelling platform that […]

20 August 2010 11:33 am by
Damon Armstrong

Static Property Behavior with Generics and Inheritance


I’m in the midst of writing some classes that use generics so I figured I would blog about the way static properties work in different situations.  This is not ground breaking stuff, but it’s good to be aware of so you know exactly what you are getting in different situations.  Let’s say that you have […]

20 August 2010 10:50 am by
Roger Hart

Your docs are wrong. Maybe.


Last week, over on a blog called Flyosity, there was a post: Your design is wrong I liked it, I liked it a lot. Although many of the errors it cites may seem like rather small things, I absolutely buy the idea of objective design mistakes. It got me thinking about examples from the world […]

19 August 2010 11:22 am by

Encouraging Comments


Do you hate it when you open a piece of script and there are no comments? There is something comforting about seeing some lines of green text when you are up to your neck in a problem. Knowing that someone, probably the person that wrote the script was thinking about you and your predicament, even […]

18 August 2010 9:43 pm by
Simon Cooper

Modifying built-in Visual Studio project templates

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As some of you may know, executable projects created in Visual Studio 2010 now default to the x86 build target rather than AnyCPU, as was the case in VS2008. I personally am quite annoyed by this decision, and so I looked for ways to change it back. A poke through the VS options screen proved […]

17 August 2010 8:45 pm by
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